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Long A$$ $tory
Long A$$ $tory
My parents are nuts.

My sister is a druggy who got me molested and almost raped so she could score some coke and weed (not without sleeping with the dealers, since I managed to escape).

My mind opened up after turning 17 and moving out with friends to get away from the chaos.

My story is longer, and one you've probably heard parts of from others that are like me. So I won't bore you.

Religion sucks. But so do bitter people. And Bitterness does not discriminate against religions or lack thereof.

If you wanna know the full story, I'll tell you. But it's too long and detailed to put here now. So PM me if you're curious.
RE: Long A$$ $tory
In a (not very informative) nutshell

My mom is schizophrenic. She has been since I can remember. She's also a hardcore fundamentalist Christian (big shock there), and mentally unstable.
She had me convinced through most of my life that I was special, as was she. It gets much more elaborate, but I'll stop there for the sake of not whining. My sister moved out when I was 8 (we're 10 years apart) and got gan8anged by her coworkers at an office party. Whether she wanted it or not they got video of her and we couldn't press charges. At the time, I believed my sister's innocence. But time has taught me that she's not who she appeared to be. And she most likely just regretted the decision later and wanted to press charges to save face. I still couldn't see her for what she was. But prayed for her several times a day.

A few years passed and we moved. My mom, from heartache, got 'fibromyalgia' (she was just depressed. And feel free to read up on the debate between nueroscientists and psychiatrists(psychologists?) about whether or not it's a physical manifestation of the depression or not), and slipped into depression from it. We spent the next year trying to get my sister help and raising her kid. She was able to get better, but she was still doing drugs and other stuff at the time. Mostly humoring us because we were willing to play babysitter so she could go out and be whore for drugs.

It was at this point that I realized that the God I loved so much wasn't exactly there for me. At 12 I got angry at Yahweh for the first time and told him I'd be an atheist because he obviously wasn't real or he wouldn't let this stuff happen. I got sucked back in though. It wouldn't be until I was 18 that I'd have the question come up again or whether or not there were deities in the universe. And Richard Dawkins' 'Root of All Evil' was the push I needed.

My father went to work so he wouldn't have to deal with his wife being sick and daughter forced to take care of her.
My family still thinks I should forgive my sister for getting me molested and almost raped (so she could score weed and coke). I'm saddened that they value me so little. I think I'm most sad about the weed because weed is so easy to buy and cheap. It's also naturally found in nature and doesn't requires much fussing unless you want the really good stuff. But that she got me molested for shitty weed she could've payed $10 bucks for... it hurts worse. Becuse not only waws I not worth protecting as family, the price of her disloyalty was low.

I'm sorry I left such a bad impression on my posts. I was angry and hadn't had sleep. I hope ya'll can understand that. Also, I don't do caffeine. I don't like it or the feeling. But since I was up for so long I had a couple of red bulls and several cups of robust coffee. U.U

My apology stands. I hope ya'll recognize my sincerity.
RE: Long A$$ $tory
That's a hell of a story and I must have missed that thread.

Oh well. Welcome.
RE: Long A$$ $tory
Thanks. I'm borderline schizophrenic. If ya'll can put up with that, then I guess I won't be forced to leave. I'd like to stay. So I hope that's cool.
RE: Long A$$ $tory
Pointing around: "Fuck you, fuck you, fuck you, you're cool, fuck you, I'm out!"
Half Baked

"Let the atheists come to me, and stop keeping them away, because the kingdom of heathens belongs to people like these." -Saint Bacon
RE: Long A$$ $tory

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