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Post your Skyrim stories here! I wanna read about what characters you make/made or any original characters and stories. I'll share mine, too! And we can have fun talking about SKYYYYRIIIIIM <333333333333

Oriane Nisrine
She's a short, sweet, red-haired Breton who is traveling tamriel as a bard. She plays the harp and has tons of misadventures and mischief n///n

Yes, I have no life. Tongue


(ps lemme know if you wanna see my drawing of her *-*)
RE: Skyrim
I'm a male argonian. I'm over level 50. Unfortunately I haven't played the game in months because the idiots at Future Shop wiped my computer & deleted all my nexus mods.
RE: Skyrim
My main is a level 64 female Dark Elf assassin/thief/mage vampire lord. Quite the mouthful, pretty much done everything on the vanilla game with this character, would love to keep playing but there's simply not any new content for me to explore (I play on ps3 so don't have the benefit of mods).
RE: Skyrim
I still have a level 1 high elf. I've only played it once and found it too frustrating.
RE: Skyrim
Orcy McOrcface

Orc, lvl 58. Inveterate nudist. Enjoys roleplaying in inns.
Nemo me impune lacessit.
RE: Skyrim
I always play an Imperial in the Elder Scroll games. Departed becoming a Nord, but decided against it. Took pleasure in slashing the traitor...a coward has not place to rule.
But if we walk in the light, as He is in the light, we have fellowship with one another, and the blood of Jesus, His Son, purifies us from all sin.
RE: Skyrim
I played a Nord right through the whole game. I stopped because once I had crafted the perfect armour and enchanted it with the power to make destruction and healing spells for no cost then nothing could defeat me.

made a fortune out out of making potions from a mix Garlic+Night butterflys+ Eggs of those insect crustacean thingies and shot from city to city buying up every ingredient they had always making sure I bought black crystals to entrap human souls for enchantment.

Frankly as the strongest guy around I should have been able to challenge and become the high king myself.
RE: Skyrim
My last was a level 58 Argonian assassin - goes by the name of Stole-your-sweetroll - with a penchant for stealth ranged attacks with poison.

Currently playing a level 15 destructo-mage assassin/thief. Named Cthulhu, what else.

I try playing good guys, really. It just doesn't work out.
RE: Skyrim
(January 10, 2014 at 12:24 am)là bạn điên Wrote: Frankly as the strongest guy around I should have been able to challenge and become the high king myself.

Yeah this touches on what infuriates me the most with the Elder Scrolls, and frankly most, if not all Bethesda games.

There is NO consequence, for basically anything you do. Complete the civil war quest line? Everyone still acts the fucking same. Complete the companion's? Everyone still acts the fucking same. Complete the college of winterhold? EVERYONE STILL ACTS THE FUCKING SAME.

Okay, okay, some characters have slightly different lines of dialogue and some of them might refer to you as "the hero of Kvatch!" for the rest of the game, but otherwise nothing really changes. What good is it being a level 64 who can beast and kill everything you come across, with the finest weapons, the finest armor, the most amazing spells, able to tame and ride fucking dragons, use dragon shouts etc. but everyone new you come across essentially treats you the same and the game is basically how it was when you first started playing?

I love the Bethesda, but in their next outing I'd really like to see them try and tackle this obstacle.
RE: Skyrim
In my last Skyrim session I RPed as Emperor Palpatine, complete with hooded black mage robes and a pasty, nasty looking face. It was fun. Big Grin
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