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Poll: These races stand head and shoulders above the other 4... but which stands tallest?
This poll is closed.
Orsimer. 400% net effectiveness for a minute. That is: double damage, damage taken halved for 60 seconds.
6 30.00%
Altmer. +50 magicka at level 1 (five levels worth of points), and 2500% mana regeneration for 60 seconds.
4 20.00%
Dunmer. +%50% fire resistance, and Fire Cloak (Adept-level destruction spell) free at level one.
2 10.00%
Breton. +%25% magical resistance, and absorb 50% of magicka from hostile spell casts for 60 seconds.
2 10.00%
Redguard. +50% irrelevant resistance, and +1000% stamina regeneration for 60 seconds.
2 10.00%
Argonian. +50% disease resistance, +underwater breathing, and 1000% health regeneration for 60 seconds.
4 20.00%
Total 20 vote(s) 100%
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Skyrim's been out a while.
Skyrim's been out a while.
And I'm sure you've played a whole lot of it. But I am willing to bet that none of you have played it like this. Or I would be, if all yall weren't fucking crazy.

*No fast travel (carriages are allowed).
*You are seen once in line of sight.
*You cannot hold an absurd level of stuff.
*Toxins cannot be applied to weapons in the middle of battle (within 5 seconds of having been attacked-BOWS. Within 10 seconds of having been attacks-BLADES. Cannot use venom on blunt weapons).
*Potions cannot be imbibed in the middle of battle (within 5-seconds of having been attacked).
*Fucking sleep, man. Maybe you can go some two days without... but that's unhealthy as shit.
*Fucking eat, man. These badasses over here are so tough that they might go >months< without eating so much as some Goat Cheese or a couple of Grilled Leeks. Now I ask... could *you* fight a fucking dragon... after you fasted harder than ghandi... for longer...?
*Wear your town clothes when in town. I mean, if you're just passing through: keep your bloody armor on... but if you're going shopping, if you're going to be working (chants/smithing/alch), if you're going to rest at the in, or chat up the Jarl: look your best.
*Store your weapons in your bag when you go to shop. Unless you intend to hold the store-keeper up... in which case: beat that man's head in, and realize that his store inventory isn't kept on his person or in his store.

I'd add realism shit like killable children, arrow to face is serious wound, maul to face is death... but unfortunately my enemies wouldn't be playing by the rules. A shame, since the kids here are fucking pricks.

Anyway... pointless thread. Just wanted to say what I'm up to, and maybe hear other cool ideas from peeps (that i might be able to work with in the original skyrim, or possibly the 'official mods' which I may one day just buy). Smile

Edit: Decided I'm going to rock this with a Conjuration mage Big Grin Possible trololol: illusion to invisibility/quiet casting, sneak bonuses, and actually use bound weapons for the first time ever.
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RE: Skyrim's been out a while.
I actually do pretty much everything there, when I can be bothered to.

I go one step further and make a backstory for my characters and write it down on a piece of paper to give my character a personality, and I try to act as much as possible according to that personality.

Yes I'm a very sad person.

PS, you should watch gixg17 on youtube, he plays the elder scrolls very much like this.

PSS, the poll depends entirely on what playstyle you want to go for Wink
RE: Skyrim's been out a while.
Tiberius prefers Khajit race.
RE: Skyrim's been out a while.
After making it to 48 with my high elf, I restarted the game as a Nord. Knowing what I know about the game now (remember, this was also my introduction to console gaming beyond playing the original Zelda and Ocarina of Time), it has been WAY more interesting. Just got inducted into the Circle as a werewolf.

I thought I'd be bored trying the game again, since I already know the basic storyline...but, nope. Instead of rushing to do the main questline, I'm trying to get most of the Whiterun and all of the Companion quests done and then I'll move on.

I'll probably continue with the High Elf, if only because I'm only a couple smithing levels away from dragon armor.
[Image: Untitled2_zpswaosccbr.png]
RE: Skyrim's been out a while.
I stoped playing it about 8 months ago.

Reason for that are the dlc`s. Dont get me wrong, I love the dlc`s even although I dont own them. I will certainly buy them at one point and especialy cant wait to return to Solstheim in the Dragonborn dlc (as an old Morrowind addict). And I cant wait to join the Dawnguard and hunt vampires, or become an epic vampirelord in the dawnguard dlc.

Thing is, as with every dlc in every game, they require you to completly start a new campain from scratch. And I have absolutly no interest in doing that everytime a new dlc is released. Especialy now, when 2 dlc`s are still coming up.

One thing I end up doing in some campains and what I really enjoy is being a vampire. And I dont actualy prefer any kind of race and have played every single one. Except for the orks - who I somehow dont really like (I sometimes even end up massacring them when I see any)
RE: Skyrim's been out a while.
Orcs don't get a fair shake - Skyrim tried to make them another race and we're all prejudiced thanks to Tolkien.
[Image: Untitled2_zpswaosccbr.png]
RE: Skyrim's been out a while.
naaa it isnt that. it`s their way of life in general. living in weird huts with an ass backwards tribal system.

Killing them can be a civilising mission Tongue

I like their armor though, which is one reason to kill them. so one has their armor.
RE: Skyrim's been out a while.
(April 8, 2013 at 8:57 am)The Germans are coming Wrote: Killing them can be a civilising mission Tongue

You have never sounded more German.
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RE: Skyrim's been out a while.
When I have a lot of time to play something like Skyrim I spend all my time in quests, reading the books and talking to all the NPC's. I'm usually being harassed by someone or other to play an FPS with them.
RE: Skyrim's been out a while.
(April 8, 2013 at 6:45 am)Napoléon Wrote: I go one step further and make a backstory for my characters and write it down on a piece of paper to give my character a personality, and I try to act as much as possible according to that personality.

I like this. The problem is that depending on the questlines you chose, you can't always act in accordance with yours or your character's values. I'm actually rather appalled at the way the game makes you treat some of the NPC's - rather abusive, I think.

Also, I hate killing spriggens. WTF. I'd leave them alone if they weren't programmed to kill me. Most of the time I haven't done dick all to any of their groves. I understand attacking me over the Eldergreen, but seriously? Just for entering another grove?
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