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What have you done with religious jewelry?
What have you done with religious jewelry?
I have some beautiful pieces of jewelry, that I had received as gifts over the years or bought for myself, when I was a Christian. I have a stunning diamond celtic cross necklace, for example. The cross itself is 1 carat of diamonds. I don't wear it anymore for obvious reasons, but, I'm wondering if any of you have taken religious jewelry and had it made into something else? Sold it? Kept it? Gave it to a religious person? I could do that, give it to one of my Christian friends.

Just curious, thanks! Smile
RE: What have you done with religious jewelry?
I have a Goddess Gaia pendent sitting in a drawer.
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RE: What have you done with religious jewelry?
Yes, my things are just sitting around collecting dust, now. Sad
I could sell the pieces, and give the money to charities? That might be the most worthwhile use of them, yet.
RE: What have you done with religious jewelry?
Sell it or wear it ironically? One time I met a Satanist who kept a picture of Jesus in his car. He said that he thought it was funny. Other than that all your suggestions sound good.
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