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Scientists discover another Earth like planet
Scientists discover another Earth like planet
Quote:Scientists discover one of the most Earthlike planets yet

Sci News is reporting that astronomers at the University of New South Wales have discovered an Earthlike planet just 16 light-years away. The planet, dubbed Gliese 832c, is orbiting a red dwarf star half the mass and radius of our own sun. Gliese 832c has an orbital period of about 35 days, and a mass more than five times that of Earth's. More importantly, however, Gliese 832c is orbiting within the habitable zone of the red dwarf, and receives the same average stellar energy as Earth does from the sun, Sci News reports.

I think I'll curb my enthusiasm on this one until more research is completed . The last big excitement thought to have been a discovery of two other large Earth like planets in the "Goldilocks" sector turned out to be a misread of what was thought to be planetary signals. Still fascinating to think about though....

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RE: Scientists discover another Earth like planet
Quote:Scientists discover one of the most Earthlike planets yet

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