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Activism: Organizing Against A.G.s and County Clerks That Disobey SCOTUS Marriage...
Activism: Organizing Against A.G.s and County Clerks That Disobey SCOTUS Marriage...

The Texas Attorney General has declared that Texas county clerks can ignore SCOTUS ruling on marriage. Full story here: http://www.reuters.com/article/2015/06/2...0F20150629

I want to encourage activists within both the Progressive and LGBT communities to aggressively organize to counter states' Attorney Generals that promote their county clerks to deny gay couples a license to marry. This can be done by calling for the recall and replacement of any county clerk in any state that does so. We can further underscore that point by calling for the removal of any state attorney general from their office. We must be aggressive to counter the Conservative backlash against the SCOTUS decision to recognize the rights of gays to marry. We must counter the Conservatives at every turn that they attempt to harm the American Republic and oppose Dominionism wherever and whenever it raises its ugly head to establish theocracy. This can be done by organizing an anti-Dominionist movement that aggressively seeks the removal of Dominionists from any and every office of power and influence they hold, from the political, judicial, and military arenas. Let us make it so!
"The price of freedom is eternal vigilance."--Thomas Jefferson

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