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Dawah Response Team (YouTube Channel)
Dawah Response Team (YouTube Channel)
Great new YouTube Channel I found:
Good for those interested in countering religionist dogma.

Channel Trailer:

RE: Dawah Response Team (YouTube Channel)
I like it, but. why. is he. speaking. like. Stevie. from. Malcolm in. the middle?
RE: Dawah Response Team (YouTube Channel)
(July 6, 2015 at 4:24 pm)Napoléon Wrote: I like it, but. why. is he. speaking. like. Stevie. from. Malcolm in. the middle?

I have no idea. But it seems like the Channel is shared. Essence of Thought is not the only contributor. The only other video (at the time of this post) has Stopspamming instead. Since he's originally from South Africa I am certain he won't sound like any characters from Malcolm in the Middle (thought I have not watched the show myself).


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