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Vatican Gay Art Tour
Vatican Gay Art Tour
Rick Santorum's head will fucking explode.


Quote:We’re being led on a gay-themed exploration of the Vatican’s massive and incomparable art collection, as part of the “Untold History” tour launched late last year by Italian LGBT travel company Quiiky. Our escort is the ebullient Tiberio Tassinari, who says he’s led thousands of groups in his years as a guide at the so-called Vatican Museums — but only recently, since working for Quiiky, has he been so freely able to share his knowledge of the gay backstories behind the world-famous art and artists housed here (thanks to masterpiece-hoarding popes of the past).
RE: Vatican Gay Art Tour
[Image: tumblr_lzag6ajNkZ1qkvn0yo1_250.gif]
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"Ironically like the nativist far-Right, which despises multiculturalism, but benefits from its ideas of difference to scapegoat the other and to promote its own white identity politics; these postmodernists, leftists, feminists and liberals also use multiculturalism, to side with the oppressor, by demanding respect and tolerance for oppression characterised as 'difference', no matter how intolerable."
- Maryam Namazie

RE: Vatican Gay Art Tour
Well, of course a lot of popes were gay. Other than the ones who had female mistresses, who then would make sure that their sons would get high positions in the church. But even they might have just been pretending to not be gay.

"A wise man ... proportions his belief to the evidence."
— David Hume, An Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding, Section X, Part I.
RE: Vatican Gay Art Tour
Still trying to figure out how something that is so much fun could be 'wrong'.
I reject your reality and substitute my own!
RE: Vatican Gay Art Tour
lol, how much more gay can the catholic church get?
RE: Vatican Gay Art Tour
Oh, you mean the tour whereby the penis was removed to be replaced by a leaf because religious people are fucking retarded?
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