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Any 3D character designers here?
Any 3D character designers here?
Hi guys!

I am a new comer to this forum but I do intend to become more active.

That said, I am looking for someone who can do 3d character modeling who is willing to donate a little bit of there time to make a 3d model for me in 3ds max. I will tell you about the project:

I am officially announcing the start of my own non profit youtube youtube skeptic / science / light hearted comedy sci-fi series that has a good humanistic / atheistic message for each episode. It is going to utilize various forms of animation. I have not decided a title yet. It is going to be up in space. If you like red dwarf, you would enjoy this. I myself can model environments well, but can not model characters. But for the nature of what I am doing, I only need one.

If you or someone you know would be interested in helping with this, it would be appreciated. That said, I intend to try being a weekly regular or on this forum. And it is good to meet everyone.

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