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Top 3 perfumes/colognes
Top 3 perfumes/colognes
Hehe ... I can see this turning into a similar "Ask a" threads subsection.
Girls, Boys, Girly boys, what do you wear? and why? Do you have one for work and one for going out? Different one's for different occasions?
eg: funerals. 3 day raves, etc

Being a non classy cheapo, I first fell in love with Jovan musk oil. Cheap and smells, well Musky!
I attracted lots of girls - some of them even had teeth!

Then I matured and loved the smell of Joop ...All I can say is yum yum ...bubblegum!

Then I finally saw the light and became obsessed with Terre D'Hermes.
For some stupid reason to me it smells like "rose water" ... But I bought the EDT. Should have bought the EDP ... lasts heaps longer.

But seriously, some of the adjectives they use to describe these smells is like doing religious mental gymnastics!
If my Terre D'Hermes really was woody and grapefruity, I'd probably drink it or smoke it before wearing it!
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RE: Top 3 perfumes/colognes
I do not wear such stinky oils.
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RE: Top 3 perfumes/colognes
Back in the day, English Leather and Hi Karate. Now, whatever sent is in the pit juice I apply, if I remember to apply.
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RE: Top 3 perfumes/colognes
Burberry Brit is my eau de toilette of choice.
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RE: Top 3 perfumes/colognes
David Beckham as a workday scent.
Joop when I'm in a party mood.
Hugo Boss when it's business time.

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RE: Top 3 perfumes/colognes
I wore Lovely by SJP for a long time but I've moved on. My dad still thinks I wear it, though, so he'll buy me bottles of it that just sit around collecting dust, so I finally put one in my gym bag so if I go out to dinner after the gym I don't totally reek. I also have one in my desk drawer at work. And one still in a box on my dresser... (Seriously, dad, stop buying them for me!)

Then I went to Alien by Theirry Mugler, which I love but I don't smell it when I wear it Sad You gotta get the regular pefume in the dark purple bottle, though. They came out with a burbon version a couple years ago that smells like ass. Don't do that one.

So I recently bought Sexy Amber by Michael Kors which I got in a perfume sampler one time because... well, I don't remember why I got it.  One spritz of Sexy Amber and I'll smell yummy all day. Angel

I also like J'Adore a lot but it's a little too flowery for me to make it a daily perfume, but it's another one that lasts and lasts with only one spritz.

My mom loves Joop but has a huge problem finding it.  Every year my dad goes on a lion hunt around the perfumeries of Portland looking for Joop to buy her for Christmas.  He manages to find one bottle every other year or every third year or so.
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RE: Top 3 perfumes/colognes
Good luck finding it (don't even bother) but I really like Woodspice. It is a very very old discontinued Redken product. An old boyfriend of mine wore it and to this day I really like the fragrance. I don't wear it daily, more like just a couple times a month.

Before I got my stash of a hopefully lifetime supply, I was using Safari by Ralph Lauren.

Totally unavailable these days (anyone knowing of a good substitute will be richly rewarded) is Jovan Grass Oil. Cheap shit, but I really liked the results, if you catch my drift.
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RE: Top 3 perfumes/colognes
I have 2 fragrances I wear..

[Image: images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQXR4vRKvJXh7LCOa6xRUJ...swUCvDgAC4]

is anytime, day or night

[Image: Top-2010-Perfume-Bottles-for-Women-Marc-...Velvet.jpg]

Is the one I get the most compliments on and prefer to wear at night, but a light mist would be ok during the day.
[Image: dc52deee8e6b07186c04ff66a45fd204.jpg]
RE: Top 3 perfumes/colognes
Day to Day:

[Image: 1390962650377.jpg]
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RE: Top 3 perfumes/colognes
Everyday use I go with 'Old Spice'. Special occasions, 'English Leather Timberline'.
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