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Dark Matter, Invisible Galaxies = Spiritual Realm?
Dark Matter, Invisible Galaxies = Spiritual Realm?
I saw a similar thread but decided to post a new one.

This is what I know about dark matter so far. I am really interested in this subject and am convinced that it is related to the spiritual world. Criticism is welcome.

Since we were young, we were taught that everything is composed of atoms. Now, we know that there are such things as dark matter in the universe. Dark matter is invisible to humans and is only detectable from its gravitational pull. There are countless planets and galaxies that are invisible, but they exist, and we know that it exists because of their gravitational pulls.

In 2011, NASA is sending out the LISA (Laser Interferometer Space Antenna), which will be able to measure these things clearer.

I have a theory that these planets are not meant for us to see, since that's where the spiritual realm is.

There must be gravity on Heaven and Hell..

What do you think?
RE: Dark Matter, Invisible Galaxies = Spiritual Realm?
OOOOH! I wish you well with this thread Confusedhock:

All I will say is that no-one knows what dark matter is, except that its existence is predicted by the behaviour of rotating galaxies. I'm not sure where you get this idea about 'invisible' galaxies and planets from. How do we know they exist if they are invisible. And how can you have a galaxy full of 'invisible' stars?

I mean it's tricky enough detecting ordinary planets let alone invisible planets orbiting invisible stars which make up invisible galaxies.

Me thinks you've been reading to much fantasy/fiction and not enough real science.

Welcome to the forum by the way...
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RE: Dark Matter, Invisible Galaxies = Spiritual Realm?
Darwinian is right - there is no such thing as "invisible galaxies". But it is highly likely that there are galaxies out there that we simply cannot see or have not detected yet.
The dark matter is a concept to explain the movement of the galaxies we can see. One should not regard it as actual matter (especially as the idea of matter we get from our daily lives is very wrong) in my opinion. The dark matter is just the simplest concept to describe the trajectories of galaxies assuming that our current knowledge about gravity is correct. It is however somewhat unsatisfactory as it's existence does not lead to other phenomena one could observe and it is therefore not falsifiable by current means (something any good scientific theory should be). So I would say the dark matter is not a good scientific concept but we just don't know anything better right now.

It's definitely far from any spiritual stuff!

How do you know there is gravity in "Heaven" or "Hell"? Have you been there?
RE: Dark Matter, Invisible Galaxies = Spiritual Realm?
I don't know much about Dark Matter, but you seem to have it completely backwards. Dark Matter doesn't interact with regular matter; there are no "invisible planets" or "invisible galaxies". According to Wikipedia, the "vast majority of the dark matter in the universe is believed to be nonbaryonic, which means that it contains no atoms". Dark Matter is mainly made up of neutrinos, particles that move through us on a daily basis anyway.

If you want to make a speculative assertion, that's where I'd start, but I wouldn't say I was "convinced" of it. We know so little about Dark Matter, it might not even exist. How anyone can make the leap as to say "I am convinced that it is related to the spiritual world" is beyond me.
RE: Dark Matter, Invisible Galaxies = Spiritual Realm?
Well ya. I thught everybody knew that is where the Jedi live.

I used to tell a lot of religious jokes. Not any more, I'm a registered sects offender.
...the least christian thing a person can do is to become a christian. ~Chuck
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RE: Dark Matter, Invisible Galaxies = Spiritual Realm?
The latest article I have read concerning Dark Matter was from 'ScienceNow' and its dated the 26th of April (this past Monday). Here is an excerpt:
ScienceNow Wrote:For decades, astronomers have known that galaxies don't seem to contain enough mass, and therefore gravity, to prevent their constituent stars from flying off into space. Ditto the vast galactic clouds of gas and dust that are necessary to form new stars and solar systems. Even the supermassive black holes were found to be quite puny, in terms of gravitationally binding a galaxy together. Then in the 1970s, astronomer Vera Rubin and colleagues published papers that posited evidence of something called dark matter, which seemed to permeate galaxies and explain why Newton's laws of motion concerning the orbits of stars seemed to be breaking down. Dark matter, it turned out, was allowing stars like our sun, which are located far from galactic centers, to zip along in their orbits much faster than Newtonian calculations permitted.

... Which has absolutely nothing to do with 'invisible galaxies' or the 'spiritual realm'. Instead, it is Dark Matter itself that has been invisible.

ScienceNow Wrote:But no one has actually seen direct evidence of the particles that make up dark matter. Instead, scientists must probe its nature based on its gravitational effects. That's what astronomers led by Masamune Oguri of the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan have done, using a technique called gravitational lensing. First predicted by Einstein, gravitational lensing relies on the tendency of very massive objects to bend beams of light—in this case the light from very distant galaxies—that pass within their sphere of gravitational attraction.
The full article is Here.

The article presents some of the best evidence (to my layman mentality) that Dark Matter does, in fact, exist, that I have seen thus far. It even "conforms to models that trace its large-scale structure back to the physics of the big bang." (to quote the article again).

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