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A person who needs help.....
RE: A person who needs help.....
(September 18, 2015 at 6:43 pm)Brian37 Wrote: I really hate ism at the end of the word atheist. It merely means off or empty on god claims. While atheists do form clubs, it is not a religion, philosophy, political party, loyalty oath, or moral code. It doesn't even denote class or level of education. We don't agree on everything all the time, we are very diverse on issues of politics and economic views and how to approach religion.
???????????????? Wa chew talken bout Willis?
I don't have an anger problem, I have an idiot problem

RE: A person who needs help.....
(September 18, 2015 at 12:18 pm)lkingpinl Wrote:
(September 17, 2015 at 11:19 am)Orchids Wrote: I've briefly mingled with atheism few years back but ended up going  back to xitianity.  I realize it was a mistake as back then I did really good, read few books and was well on my way to mental freedom. I can't afford therapy. Yes, that's how tormented I currently am. I thought I'd ask one of the atheists forum for encouragement and guidance.

I have no problem embracing atheism, except that I saw somebody I think is Christ and more  than once few years back. I don't have any visions or hallucinations. He is the only one I have ever seen while awake. I never heard or seen things that were not there before this creep came along.

I just wish to move on with my life. If there is a god, he can go [blank] himself. I am just exhausted of all this garbage.

Please help me in any way you can.


Hello Orchids, welcome to the forums!  I wanted to first say I'm sorry for the turmoil you are going through.  Second, seeing as so few (if any) here have experienced anything similar to what you are, it is difficult for us to give helpful advice as this type of thing is very foreign to a lot of us.  I noticed in one of your posts you mentioned you were Muslim at one time.  Maybe it would be helpful to know that this type of story is not that uncommon to Muslim and Hindu nations.  There are scores of stories similar to yours who come from similar backgrounds.  I don't have any resources for you to contact others who have experienced similar things, but check out some of these:



Thank you so much for the welcome and your sympathy. There is no doubt in my mind that others have other experiences. But I do not need mine to be validated by theirs. I know Christ is Real, I just want get off his train. Nothing more.

(September 18, 2015 at 12:33 pm)robvalue Wrote: Orchid: no problem Smile The way I read your post it sounded like you were under stress, apologies if I misinterpreted it.

Yes, I never claim to know for certain anything that has happened to anyone. All I can do is give a rational judgement of what is most likely to be the case. I'm sorry if I offended you. The human brain is extremely fallible, and we should be wary of anything that isn't verifiable and doesn't mesh with reality.

Now I am the one who is sorry Sad . Those visions were probably the most beautiful experiences I have ever had. That's how stress free they were. But honeymoon does not last for ever. With the Christian walk comes persecution. And as far as that's concerned, I got to a point where I am done and through. And no, you didn't offend me. I just asked the question why you thought I was stressed when I had those experiences. Maybe because I didn't specifically clarify the timeframe of its presence during the given periods. The vision of the sky, a Christian elder told me, was a consolation.  And it did feel like that. In fact it felt like I was screaming toddler (internally), Daddy came by, "rocked my cradle" and  pampered me little, I started to coo and he left as the vision lasted for only few seconds.  

have to go back and re-listen to your vid and to that of that Ph, D as in them there is material I need to absorb. TXS again.

(September 18, 2015 at 12:54 pm)mh.brewer Wrote: Orchids:

You came here looking for help (the title of your thread). We listened to you, even asked questions, and then gave what each of us thought was a helpful response.

In my opinion, what you then gave us in return was an attack. Not a "thanks but I don't agree", but an attack. So obviously you didn't want our honest thoughts. I'm not sure what you expected or wanted. How about "There, there, everything is perfectly OK". That work without an attack response?

I'll continue to monitor this thread but I'm afraid you can't expect much continued support from me.

Still hoping you find a solution and happiness.
No, I didn't attack anyone. I was belittled by this fake dr. She distorted what I said to fit what's supposed to make sense in her little mind. And answered her accordingly, nothing more.

(September 18, 2015 at 1:09 pm)Salacious B. Crumb Wrote: Welcome Orchids. I’m sorry to hear about your mental struggles. I wouldn’t buy into those stories lkingpinl is feeding you. I can hand you hundreds of videos right now on Youtube, from a Near Death Experience Convention, none mentioning any sort of religious experience. They practically all said that they were embraced by a loving spiritual being that they knew was their creator (or they saw their family). No jesus, muhammad, etc. Then, you have the people on T.V. (in the U.S.) that love to bring up hell and jesus, in order to appeal to the predominant christian nation. That’s the problem with eyewitness testimony (and phony reality T.V. shows), you’re going to get a ton of conflicting stories.

lkinpinl is a good guy, and means well, but argues with the presupposition that christianity is true too often. Is the crying mary statue true or is the hindu milk statue miracle true? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hindu_milk_miracle There’s probably a reasonable explanation for both of them if you look hard enough, and the same goes with your visions. People that are predisposed to a religion are more likely to see things that have to do with what they believe. I had dreams of jesus, because I prayed to jesus all the time, he was in my mind. I also, had powerful, vivid dreams of certain hindu gods interacting with me. At the time I ignored them, and focused on the ones that I thought were real. I would listen to others on here, but you may be having hallucinations. I’ve had them before, but upon just awakening from a sleep. I’ve seen two dark man shaped black masses before in my room, but since it wasn’t accompanied with the Hollywood story of objects flying around the room, I had to come to the reasonable conclusion that I had hallucinated that.

Best wishes on trying to explain your visions. I would read up on them on a reputable, unbiased website.

P.S. - Maybe you should be more kind to people that are actually trying to offer you advice. If you want to believe that what you experienced was jesus, then, by all means go for it. After reading the last few posts, it seems like you'd rather attack them for offering you advice, but I'll leave mine anyway, since I took the time to do so. Have a nice day.
Thank you for your sympathy and your welcome, I really appreciate it. I do not need my visions to be explained as I already know it was Christ.  This is not what I asked in the OP. I am the one who is FULLY aware of all angles and related specifics of my experiences. So I have the right to make that assessment. Fuzzy did not help, she belittled me and accused me of being "haunted". As if that was not screwed up enough, she had to idiotically suggest I go see an  exorcist?!? and then turn around and claim she doesn't believe in them?!?!Just what kind of soup  or jambalaya is this!?

 I have news for both of you: At the peak of my struggles,  about 2 years ago, I did go to confession one time, I told the priest a fraction of what I shared here as they don't have the time to sit in the confessional and hear about all the details. And guess what he said?!?!?!He mentioned one of the catholic saints, I think it was Therese of Avila and told me my Christian walk is NORMAL and I, in fact, sounded much like her and what she has experienced!!!!!!! So there goes her "exorcism".
PATRONIZING and belittling is not help. And addressing that for what it is, is not "attacking".
lkingpinl is very nice caring guy. He is not the Minus here but rather the Plus. Thank you again.

I am so sorry I didn't not have the time to answer all replies. Please forgive me. I will just as soon as I can. Much love to all.
Most sincerely,
RE: A person who needs help.....
I am completely confused. You said you think you saw jesus, and now you know you saw jesus, but in your original post you're telling god to go [blank] himself. I was a little confused, but thought you were trying to explain away what you thought was a vision.

But, I guess you got all the things sorted out now, so there is no more discussion to be had. Have fun with what the priest told you, he knows all. Have a good one.
Anti-intellectualism has been a constant thread winding its way through our political and cultural life, nurtured by the false notion that democracy means that 'my ignorance is just as good as your knowledge.' -Isaac Asimov-
RE: A person who needs help.....
(September 18, 2015 at 7:44 pm)Salacious B. Crumb Wrote: I am completely confused. You said you think you saw jesus, and now you know you saw jesus, but in your original post you're telling god to go [blank] himself. I was a little confused, but thought you were trying to explain away what you thought was a vision.

But, I guess you got all the things sorted out now, so there is no more discussion to be had. Have fun with what the priest told you, he knows all. Have a good one.

Bravissimo, Sal!!!  Great work.  I was naive - I really thought that just sending this troll to an exorcist would have him screaming about how he had really seen JEEBUS!!!   JEEBUS!!!!

It took a little longer.  But he admitted it.   He came across in the OP as a truly seeking atheist, telling god to go [blank] himself.  Now we have proof from his own posts that his intent was to share his vision with the non-believers.  
Someone passing themselves as an atheist who claims that he has seen JESUS.  Now THAT is unique.
"The family that prays together...is brainwashing their children."- Albert Einstein
RE: A person who needs help.....
Agree with your answer fuzz, but sometimes we have to give them the benefit of the doubt... Due process... That's all.
No God, No fear.
Know God, Know fear.
RE: A person who needs help.....
Ha, I knew it.....just few posts in. This douche shot down any alternative to his or her 'vision' way too easily to be anything but a theist. Cute little twist, but still a pretty shitty attempt at so-called "infiltration."

I'll let you guys in on a little something....there's a couple of other faketheists on this forum. A bit smarter though, in shooting for the long grift.

Lame as hell, nonetheless!
RE: A person who needs help.....
After some contemplation I believe this to be a POE. A very good POE. Sucked me right in. We'll see if the sucking continues.
I don't have an anger problem, I have an idiot problem

RE: A person who needs help.....
(September 18, 2015 at 2:12 pm)strawberryBacteria Wrote: If you really "saw" things within your sight that you know are not physically there, no matter how those visual representation made you feel, you need to go see a doctor, as neglecting it might lead to more serious and even harmful situations.

But if you don't really "see" them and you fully understand and acknowledge them as a manifestation of virtue and well-being you have as a person that your mind made, it's okay.

I agree to a point. If the person starts to see an evil thing or hear a voice that tells them to do bad stuff to somebody. Yep, they need to call a doctor at once. Schizophrenia is known to manifest in such fashion for example. I saw DIVINE  set of eyes on the sky, made out of nothing but white light. At the time I was pissed. So considering the state in which my mind was at, at the time, I know that didn't come out of it. It was just too Beautiful to. All the experiences I had were parallel to that one in nature and effect. Last one, I had 3 or 4 years ago.
But Christian walk, something the guys and girls here don't seem to know much about, has a phase in it where the subject begins to encounter violent persecution. "My honey moon" is over.  Right now I am at the stage where I am being brutally tried and I am sick and tired of it. I want out. And I want the guys here to help me do that. I KNOW they CAN. I talked to atheists on other sites in the past that were simply unbelievably beautiful. So I know they can give me clues on how to disengage my mind. I did some reading in the past, I need to do some more as well as interact with the right people.
RE: A person who needs help.....
(September 17, 2015 at 6:36 pm)Orchids Wrote: All I want you to do is find a way I could use as a scissor and cut the main cable to all of that. This is what I need.
Please help me.

Here are some scissors.

I don't have an anger problem, I have an idiot problem

RE: A person who needs help.....
Rocket Neurosurgon,
Thank you. The definition I gave came for the WWW and my brain. I must point the fact that "a type of seizure" has as a base "seizure". I don't like the world "epilepsy " either. And if something happens that does not reach the motor centers and does not cause physical reaction then I am afraid it is not a seizure nor is it an epilepsy.
A chemically induced hallucination is not a vision since it has been brought about by utilizing/ingesting/injecting chemicals. That is why there is special word for it: Hallucination. No such thing was involved in my case. Please, care to take a note as this is important as far as relevant details are concerned. Neither can one compare Neurochemicals to something like LSD. Neurochemicals are made by the human brain/body and it is absurd to compare their respective effects and the roles they play to those of LSD and cocain for example. Furthermore, if you are right, then neurochemicals should also be criminalized just as LSD is along with other illegal hard drugs, if they all belong in the same basket. And we know they don't.
fuzzy did not provide any information, she instead accused me of being "haunted"!!!! and the proper word for that by the way is "possessed" and NOT "hauned". I didn't counter attack but correct. Somebody who clearly does drugs comes in here and tell me that I must have seen a hippie that looked like Jesus is "providing information on how my brain works"??!?!?!? you can't be serious. And if I tell him to give me a mature reply and not a joke, I am "biting the hand that feeds me"??!?!?
So far, as far as giving me info on how "my" brain "works", that has not been done by anyone here. This post here is the first that tackeled that in an elementary fashion as I already know what "NEUROCHEMICALS" are and have a good idea about the role they play in the human body. My information was not wrong. I know what I saw. Unlike many I am not on Prozak no do I do any drugs or alcohol. I am well in touch with my body as well as HEAD. My head is well attached to my shoulders and not underneath my bottom. And you don't like to be told that you are wrong.
Thank you for the God helmet article. Please do not reply to this post til I read the article and tell you what I learned. Thank you.
Peace and thank you for your decency. Really appreciate it.

(September 18, 2015 at 6:33 pm)Orchids Wrote:
(September 18, 2015 at 2:57 am)robvalue Wrote: Orchids: you're most welcome Smile

I can't say for sure what you experienced, however I would be willing to be that it was almost certainly not real. Minds can do very strange things at the best of times, and when under extreme stress they can produce all kinds of weird reactions. I've had hallucinations before, visual and auditory. I simply recognise that the chances of them being a glitch in my brain, which happens to everyone, are drastically higher than it being anything real. Minds also have access to our knowledge, so they are aware of the Jesus mythology you've no doubt been soaked in all your life. If instead you'd been raised in an Islamic country, it would probably have been Mohammad or something.

I'm not being insulting here but genuinely trying to help: when you "who else could it have been" you're committing an error of thinking. A logical fallacy known as the argument from ignorance, I cover it on my webpage. Your mind has come to a conclusion about what it is, and you ask us to demonstrate what else it is. It's impossible for us to know or prove anything about it, but our inability to do so in no way means the explanation your mind has come up with is correct. It's almost certainly the case that it was a mental glitch, but it so happens we can't prove that. But it would be true, nonetheless. Learning to spot errors like this in your thinking may help you push out irrational thoughts Smile I did a video about this, aimed more at people who say "You can't prove God doesn't exist" but it applies here too. Please ask if this is unclear.


If you have the time, I'd seriously recommend this video. This is a guy who is an expert on the bible, and through a lot of study he makes strong arguments for Jesus (the human) not actually being real at all. He thinks the whole thing is a rewrite of an earlier story. I am inclined to agree. This video also shows how mythology is just copied from earlier mythology. It might make it seem a bit less real.

That is very very nice of you to post those vids along with your comments. I love that Ph, D. But he sort of shot himself  right on the foot by giving the Roswell analogy.  He really screwed up big time!!! I want you to look up A Geologist that goes by the name of Phil Schneider. He helped the US government build some of what are known as D.U.M.Bs (deep underground military bases). Once he found that the powers that be do not care about the masses and that they spent billions of dollars of the tax payers money to build those bases only for themselves in case of a catastrophic disaster, he went public. They made attempt to kill him at least good 15 times before they finally succeeded in 1996. He was found strangled with one of the intravenous types of "hoses" in a hospital room. He has about 30 recorded lectures on You tube about his experiences and in some of them he recounts where one time they went underground to fix equipment that kept on breaking down for no reasons. Those dumbs btw are built a mile and half underground. They came face to face with a group of, YES, gray humanoids who apparently had a hub right underneath where these guys dug. 66, special agents, green berets, black berets, geologists, engineers and what not died that day as a fire battle broke between the 2 clans!!! It's absolutely Amazing. I believe the guy to the T.

Anyway, He just really discredited himself by stating such example. I need to review your vid and his couple of times before I comment. Thank you so much again. You are a guy I could definitely learn from and look up too.
Much love to you friend!!

(September 19, 2015 at 12:54 am)ignoramus Wrote: Agree with your answer fuzz, but sometimes we have to give them the benefit of the doubt... Due process... That's all.

Thank you EVER so much!!!

...  Speaking of the so called "INEXISTANCE" of the invisible life and parallel universes. The Large hadron collider has been built "by science" and big league scientists to possibly break into the so called "inexistent not to mention MYTHICAL" parallel universes.

At the entrance of their headquarters, they have the statute  of some hindu god!!!!!! what the hindus refer to as the god of DISTRUCTION.
....So much of Christ being a myth and Christians are stupid and retarded. I guess I'll take that retardedness any day in a sense.

again, thank you so much...

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