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RE: Zombies!
Even though no one around when your supposed godboy died thought to mention such an amazing fact?

You've drunk the whole gallon of Kool-Aid, pal.  You need a shrink.
RE: Zombies!
The whole point of the Matthew zombies is to support Christianity's main theme (1 Corinthians chapter 15), which is that the dead will rise on Judgment Day and that Jesus proved it when he walked out of the tomb. The Matthew zombies were included to show that the dead will indeed rise. It's great propaganda. Notice that all of the dead didn't rise but only those who were "saints". Imagine if all of the dead in the entire Middle East had returned as zombies.

As I just wrote, the Matthew zombies are used to sell the idea of resurrection but in a way it invalidates the end game of Judgment Day when all of the dead will rise. All the Matthew zombies did was go visit their buddies. They didn't do anything worthwhile and they are nowhere to be seen now (or then).

Christianity doesn't work without zombies and ghosts. It doesn't work very well with zombies and ghosts either.
RE: Zombies!
alpha male Wrote:
Mister Agenda Wrote:Is it your position that they are irrelevant? Remember that by 'Bible stupidities', Min means pretty much everything in the Bible.

Yes, it's my position that people raised from the dead in Matthew are irrelevant to a discussion of the date of Jesus' death.

I'm amazed that I need to say that.

I'm amazed that you're willing to say the Bible is irrelevant to discussions about the Bible just because you have a particular instance in your head.
I'm not anti-Christian. I'm anti-stupid.
RE: Zombies!
If two people are talking about the laws of motion, it's not relevant for another to say What we should really be talking about is the structural-functionalist theory of sociology. Yet, they're both under the umbrella of science.
RE: Zombies!
(June 24, 2016 at 9:04 am)alpha male Wrote: So...what's the problem?

Strictly speaking, there is none. This hypothetical god could certainly raise people and patch them up. Just like how he could create talking snakes and donkeys, or create stuff from nothing.

It doesn't disprove God in and of itself; it just gets added to the list of ridiculous, unsupported claims.

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