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Current time: 25th June 2017, 09:53

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Young punks make good music
Young punks make good music
I hope we can use this thread for us old timers to show appreciation for new music that is actually good (we all agree I think that for the most part new music is a pile of shit).  I just heard Kaleo on Jimmy Kimmel, and I'm pretty damned impressed:

RE: Young punks make good music
Here's Iceage. I discovered them a while back because I read an article where Iggy Pop raved about them:

They may not exactly count as young, but they're all younger than me. And, bear in mind, I was born sometime between Taylor Swift's birth and the airing of the first full-length episode of The Simpsons.
[Image: 161109-WlllQ6UaSpqY.png]

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RE: Young punks make good music
Haha he looks like Freddie Mercury and James Dean had a love child! Big Grin

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