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ocd scrupulosity
ocd scrupulosity
sorry  i didnt mean to delette i am sorry i havent been around things with family and the fact i keep going back and forth to Christianity 
i cant seem to make my mind up stupid i know 

scrupulosity ocd is making my life hell and i dont know what to do anymore 

help someone ?
RE: ocd scrupulosity
I don't think that asking for medical/psych help on a forum or the internet in general is particularly productive. I think you need to seek out psych help in your medical community.

That being said, a quick google search provides this site. Maybe it can give you some direction.



Wishing you the best.
God(s) and religions are man made and the bane of humanity. 

Of all the things I've lost, I miss my mind the most. Ozzy or Twain/take your pick
RE: ocd scrupulosity
I struggled with scrupulosity for most of my time as a believing Mormon. I had OCD in other ways, like washing my hands and checking locks, but scrupulosity was the worst of it for me. I could prove to myself that the door was locked and that I didn't need to check it again, or that washing my hands for 20 seconds was as effective as washing for 20 minutes, but I could never prove to myself that I didn't commit a sin. My scrupulosity finally went away when I left Mormonism.

If you have OCD, the book "Brain Lock" by Jeffery Schwartz is very effective. Scrupulosity is harder, but I hear that Acceptance and Commitment Therapy works for it. John Dehlin, a Mormon psychologist, has done some interesting research with scrupulosity.

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