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Ask a gamer
RE: Ask a gamer
(18th October 2016, 17:37)Faith No More Wrote: I couldn't even tell you how much it cost.  I was just lucky to be the son of a computer nerd.

My father was always fascinated by technology and was a technician himself. But for one he never really got into computers, since when they seized to fill a room, he was on the bad side of 60, and secondly, his chain of stores had fallen on hard times by then. So, not much money to spare for the fancies of his son.
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RE: Ask a gamer
Do you have a favorite movie about video games? For example, Tron, The Wizard (etc.)?
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RE: Ask a gamer
(31st October 2016, 02:39)Kernel Sohcahtoa Wrote: Do you have a favorite movie about video games? For example, Tron, The Wizard (etc.)?

Not really, but I wish I did. Many games have a lot of potential.

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