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Apparently, They Didn't Know
Apparently, They Didn't Know
that they'd all been drowned in Noah's Fucking Flood!


Quote:Eman Khalifa, director of the pottery project within the QHRP, told the paper that the stone wall was dated by the pottery shreds embedded within the mortar used to build it. She said that the crushed pieces include parts of carinated bowls, executed in a style typical of the reign of King Pepi II from the Sixth Dynasty (circa 2278-2184 BCE).

Truly amazing work for dead people, eh?
RE: Apparently, They Didn't Know
Creative zombies FTW.
RE: Apparently, They Didn't Know
That's lifest Tongue
Seek strength, not to be greater than my brother, but to fight my greatest enemy -- myself.

Inuit Proverb

RE: Apparently, They Didn't Know
Yes, and you have reminded me of:


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