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Current time: 24th November 2017, 12:21

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Donald Trump's Twitter
RE: Donald Trump's Twitter
(10th January 2017, 14:37)Minimalist Wrote:
(9th January 2017, 21:37)Shell B Wrote: Does that say Make America Great Again? I'm American. I can't read gibberish. Tongue

It's possible to find Trump dangerous, alarming and stupid while still laughing at his tweets.

Indeed it does.

Baldwin's hilarious.

(10th January 2017, 13:33)Brian37 Wrote: I know some here think I am beating a dead horse, but while poking fun of that orange fuckface may be fun, I am speaking out everywhere on all social media and the more that do that, we at a minimum might be able to get him to jump a shark so big not even the GOP can ignore it, but barring that, enough heat to keep that fucker on a tight leash until we can vote him out of office. 

I do urge everyone who can spare the time and understands what a fucking nut he is to do the same.

I'm already doing that. Not doing it here, though, because this is a thread for laughing at his Twitter. That's all. Big Grin
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