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mafia game thread malfunction
RE: mafia game thread malfunction
(February 19, 2017 at 5:31 pm)Tiberius Wrote:
(February 19, 2017 at 5:22 pm)pocaracas Wrote: I just made a quick check, and it seems to affect all threads in the mafia games sub-forum...

Can you check other "long" threads? I have a feeling its not just mafia threads but any over a certain length.

Just went through 3 long threads, the "what's everyone up to", your current Mafia Game and the AF hall of Shame (in that order and in quick succession - less than 2 seconds for 3 middle clicks).... only the mafia game refused to go to the requested page (44) and gave me only the first page to read.

Tried a few more long threads and they all render properly...
It looks like the problem is contained in the mafia sub-forum... perhaps it's only acting up for regular users who can mod there? Me, Nymph, ... I'll guess Aroura, magi too... and a couple others...
RE: mafia game thread malfunction
Oh. I thought Tibs meant only the longer Mafia threads and not all Mafia threads? i.e. Check the shortest Mafia threads.
RE: mafia game thread malfunction
Sure. I can do that now that I'm home

Well, it's definitely the mafia game subforum. The other threads I checked both in and out of mafia only the mafia games are affected.
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RE: mafia game thread malfunction
I've re-opened the thread and applied the temp fix. Can everyone confirm it's open?
RE: mafia game thread malfunction
working for now... Smile
RE: mafia game thread malfunction
I'm hoping this is permanently fixed now. Looks good so far, but please tell me if it goes weird again. I may have to reconfigure some config settings.
RE: mafia game thread malfunction
As far as I know, it's been working fine since yesterday, when I said it was working.

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