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RE: Media
(9th April 2017, 02:37)Harris Wrote:
Human senses are the key to human experiences. Sense perceptions are the relations of sense experiences to objects, to language, and to the perceiving self or subject and considered as prime source of human knowledge and awareness. Human knowledge is then the foundation for recognition which in fact is the memory dispositions or subconscious traces formed by a blend of past experiences and actions.

Sense organs mediate, or deliver, the perceptions to the mind which then recognise them as perceptions of pleasures, pains and desires. Awareness originating through different sense media provides a multidimensional view of the self and the world.

Today’s media provides an ideal mean to communicate ideologies, conceptions, and thoughts at the mass level. By the advent of electronic media, people share and exchange information easily and faster than ever before. They communicate truths about their experiences and effectively convey their emotions, feelings, and moods to each other.

However, like any other tool of power and influence, media also becomes a pleasure toy for the rich and for the politicians. Unscrupulous hedonists use media to manipulate logic to reform the actual order of morality and piety and to make the content undistinguishable and powerless.

Today’s media is no more a tool of free speech rather it is a tool for advertising obscenity, paedophilia, homosexuality, incitements to violence, hatred, particularly racial hatred by not prohibiting the favourable discussions over such issues. Media also becomes a mean of defamation to damage a person’s, religion’s, or entire nation’s reputation one-sidedly without proscribing the statements that are neither true nor fair comments.

Today’s media prohibit people to hear certain views of others that may help in making their own conclusions. Furthermore, media is a tool for blasphemous and sacrilegious statements so that people with religious convictions are spared offence. In essence today’s media is a tool for multi-billion corporates for discrimination, deception, harassment, betraying confidences and invasions of privacy to flourish and foster ethical, political, and economical corruption.

In parallel, media is an ideal tool for advertising the fervent favours to corporatocracy. Today, journalists increasingly work for big corporates which seek power and profits, and which are concerned with quantitative measures like audience figures and advertising revenue rather than with qualitative issues of Ethics. As a result, the journalists depend (with rare exceptions) not on their adherence to Ethical Principles but on their contribution to the commercial success of their corporates. In this scope, their success is more likely to follow from ignoring Ethical Considerations.

Today, media is deliberately and in a calculated way promoting Ethically Forbidden areas such as sexism, racism and other forms of discrimination, deception, harassment, invasions of privacy, exploiting children who are in the news, and buying the stories of criminals whereas anyone (President or sweeper) who dares to raise finger over corporate or political deceits, media swiftly and rampantly defame him by creating accusations which are normally based on anonymous sources.

So, the question is, why media becomes brazenly naked almost like a prostitute? The answer inherently embeds in the character and nature of people who own media directly or indirectly.

“Four of the largest five entertainment giants are now run or owned by Jews. Murdoch's News Corp (at number four) is the only gentile holdout however, Rupert is as pro-Israel as any Jew, probably more so.”

Los Angeles Jewish Times, “Yes, Virginia, Jews Do Control the Media,” October 29 – November 11, 1999 p. 14

Media is in control of hate-filled deceivers (the followers of Talmud). Talmudic culture is the most arrogant, aggressive, money-minded part of the earth that has given only the destruction of the rudiments wherever it could achieve this.

“In place of a type-true people, born of and grown on the soil, there is a new type of nomad, cohering unstably in fluid masses, the parasitical city-dweller, traditionless, utterly matter-of-fact, religionless, clever, unfaithful, deeply contemptuous of the countryman, and especially that highest form of countryman, the country gentleman.”

Spengler, O. (1917-22) Der Untergang des Abendlandes (The Decline of the West), trans. C.F. Atkinson, New York: Alfred A. Knopf, 2 vols, 1926-8. (Significant for its distinction between culture and civilization. Referred to in §3.)  

Jewish media is manipulating freedom of speech to mock the truth. Through such manipulations, Jews endeavour to reshape and mould entire cultures, societies, and communities into one big chunk of homogeneous mass like a herd of sheep that obey every command of the shepherd.

The motive of hater’s life is the obliteration of hated by any imaginable mean. In my article “Hatred” I have argued that hate that is triggered on the ground of jealousy and envy could not be expressed directly and is incompatible with the direct discharge of resentment and revenge therefore, haters try to transform good into evil and media is the ideal tool for such transformation.

For a person to be blamed there need not be any event which is an action of him. Blame can be justified without being deserved. So, for the hater blame is morally justified if it helps to increase his overall happiness. This means that the hater could regard it as right to blame people for things they had not done, if this was the most effective way of maximizing happiness and pleasure. In other words, from the hater’s point of view, it could be right to blame someone who was (as one might say) blameless.

To deceive people, Jewish media eliminates all literally descriptive references in order to free expressive or intellectual content from all encumbrance. Since the intention of propaganda is to fool human perception many of the exclamations and outbursts are cryptic to make perceptible nature of the motif to be obscured or confused. The call of this sort of construct is to convey the intricacy, instability, or illusionary perception of the specific event. Arguably the effect results from otherwise verifiable elements acquiring magnified significance gives a thought and feeling conveyed by rhetorical means and the conviction that authenticity demands zero excess, in the “less is more” tradition. Mouth piece elements in the media try to make information puzzling because ambiguity always leaves a gap in people’s understanding which can then open space for abstract reasoning.

Propaganda is designed to awaken emotions in people. For example, by depicting something as unjust, the agent provocateur exploit the feelings of sadness, pity, and disappointment towards that alleged injustice and provoke those emotions without an object in an appropriate audience.

Main intention of Jewish media is to corrupt good people by eliciting powerful emotional responses to characters who are not really present but only artistically represented as being present, and in unleashing these emotions threatens to usurp the governing power of reason in the life of the person to engender beliefs and attitudes that are not beneficial to the society.

For victims of media deceits, the moral dimensions of choices concerning truthfulness and deceit are not exhausted by referring to the intentions of those who make statements. When people convey false information in the belief that it is true, they may be tired, mistaken, uninformed, inarticulate, intoxicated, or duped by others; but so long as they do not intend to mislead anyone, they are not acting in a manner that is in any way deceitful. Their statements may be false, but they have not knowingly uttered falsehoods. If the information is conveyed through intermediaries, as through gossip or via the media, further distortion from such causes is likely to ensue. At the receiving end of such information, likewise, similar factors and others such as deafness may operate so that people end up deceived through no fault of the person who originated the message or those who passed it along. Unfortunately, deceivers are well aware of the benefits of such chain reactions.

“Satan makes them promises, and creates in them false desires; but satan's promises are nothing but deception.”
An Nisaa (4)
-Verse 120-

“Allah commands justice, the doing of good, and liberality to kith and kin, and He forbids all shameful deeds, and injustice and rebellion: He instructs you, that ye may receive admonition.”
An Nahl (16)
-Verse 90-

Have fun.

What the ever-loving fuck is wrong with you?!
"Well, it's got to be a chocolate jesus, make me feel good inside.  Got to be a chocolate Jesus, to keep me satisfied."  - Tom Waits
RE: Media
Curses!  Foiled by da joos again!

[Image: latest?cb=20100613215709]
[Image: mtwepw.jpg]
RE: Media
(25th April 2017, 20:56)LadyForCamus Wrote: What the ever-loving fuck is wrong with you?!

He has to wake up Muslim every day, and that's unpleasant. . . because of the fucking Jew atheists and their internet and their logic and stuff.

(25th April 2017, 07:02)Harris Wrote: Mocking non-Jews is a Jewish Holy Ritual and Jews enjoy it doing. On the other hand, they cannot tolerate when non-Jews mock them. That is the reason why Atheist forum is full of anti-Christian and anti-Muslim comments whereas I am the only person in the entire atheist forum who is condemning the deceits of Jews and Judaism.

No one can be more arrogant than the Jews.
This is clearly false, since I've gone on record saying fuck the Jewish scriptures and anyone who observes them. . . and also fuck you, your lack of basic logical skills, and your barbaric religion as well.
RE: Media
(25th April 2017, 16:17)bennyboy Wrote: You haven't shown the Universe to have been caused at all.

The foundation of Big Bang Theory is placed over proper scientific discoveries. This theory says universe has a beginning. Beginning cannot be without a cause therefore I cannot add anything new on top of it. So, let us return back to my question:

Is not the Cause of Universe greater than all scientific ideas?

(25th April 2017, 16:17)bennyboy Wrote: Either everything that exists must have a cause, or some things do not need to have been caused. You say the Universe must come from "SOMEWHERE," but you do not demand that God must come from "SOMEWHERE." Therefore, it is possible that something may exist which does not come from "SOMEWHERE."

Here you are calling for Infinite Regression.

Infinite Regression = Nothingness
Nothingness = Nothing (not anything)

Perhaps this was the fact that had brought Aristotle to a pragmatic approach of Prime Mover which is intuitive and logical. Aristotle’s prime mover is both the final and the efficient cause of the universe.

The only conceivable idea behind the cause of the universe is an uncaused God. Any other idea (whether scientific speculation or a simple guesstimate) would whirl the mind and sucks human intellect down to unfathomable darkness of ignorance. That is the reason why scientists got puzzled and found themselves in a state of wandering when encountered with the question what caused the intelligible Universe if not God. Please check post #76 for the references.

(25th April 2017, 16:17)bennyboy Wrote: If something may be said to exist without needing to be created, then I would argue that conservation of energy/mass/etc. itself is a prime rule, and that the Universe doesn't come from somewhere.

Is not the statement “Energy cannot be created nor destroyed” has started curving into a controversy due to the emerging concepts affiliated to expansion of the universe, negative energy, and especially because there is no non-circular proof of energy conservation?

(25th April 2017, 16:17)bennyboy Wrote: 1) CAPS ARE ANNOYING. I can read-- you don't have to HIGHLIGHT the KEYWORDS for me.
2) The Big Bang singularity was timeless, in the same way that Allah is. Note this: Allah is not eternal, since eternity relies on a framework with infinite time. But if you want to call timelessness "eternity," then the Big Bang is still a better fit for cosmogony than Allah is. I predict you will special plead: "But who MADE the Big Bang singularity?" And I'll say "But who MADE Allah." And you'll go on about how Allah doesn't need to be made.

Get this. . . it doesn't matter what model of reality you want to favor or contest. Your causal argument fails to special pleading-- the idea that everything must be caused, but not God. So. . . not everything DOES need to be created, and the argument is self-defeating.

Didn't read the rest of your text wall. I'll go back to some of it later if I have a lot of free time.

Singularity (whatever it was) is a physical phenomenon. People can have (true or false) presentation of it based on its physical attributes such as density, temperature, size, … all of which are presentable physical concepts.

Physical objects cannot exist without space and time. Therefore, existence of singularity out of time and without space is not a logical idea. Secondly, singularity was not static, it was dynamic otherwise it would never had produced the universe. So, singularity with all its physical properties and dynamism in space and time cannot be a causeless entity.

Science can detect pain and the causes of pain by classifying certain behaviours in certain events but it cannot measure the value of pain and cannot give it a depiction simply because pain has no physical properties. Likewise, science can detect the presence of intelligence in natural events but it cannot give any physical image to it.

So, if someone try to show you pain through Hubble Telescope or you try to disprove the existence of God due to lack of physical evidences then both of these acts are deluded.

In the physical world, you can see both the cause and the effect. However, in metaphysical world, you can see and feel the effect but not the cause. In the metaphysical world, the cause is conceivable only through logic.

(25th April 2017, 17:50)bennyboy Wrote: Your logic fail is real. You should think before you say dumb stuff like this.

I didn't say there's a connection between homosexuality and great music. I said that there are many homosexuals who have contributed positively to humanity-- whereas you have not. Therefore your criticism of homosexuality on the basis that homosexuals cannot contribute to humanity is obviously not well-founded.

Nor, because gay people can be great scientists, is that an assertion that Einstein was gay because he was a scientist or vice versa. That's a false syllogism, and is taught in Logic 101, which you apparently have not yet taken.

Let me use your own logic. You say homosexuals have not contributed to humanity. YOU have not contributed to humanity. Therefore, by your brilliant reasoning methods, you are a homosexual. Do you accept this logic? If not, then don't be stupid enough to use it in your own arguments.

I did not ask which homosexual did what.

For example:
Islam is beneficial for the humanity because it commands to give charity to the poor. If some Muslim steals by ignoring commandments of Islam, his act of stealing would not transform Islam into a harmful ideology. So, in place of telling which homosexual did what, answer to my very simple question:


(25th April 2017, 23:45)bennyboy Wrote: Harris Wrote:
Mocking non-Jews is a Jewish Holy Ritual and Jews enjoy it doing. On the other hand, they cannot tolerate when non-Jews mock them. That is the reason why Atheist forum is full of anti-Christian and anti-Muslim comments whereas I am the only person in the entire atheist forum who is condemning the deceits of Jews and Judaism.

No one can be more arrogant than the Jews.

Bennyboy Wrote:
This is clearly false, since I've gone on record saying fuck the Jewish scriptures and anyone who observes them. . . and also fuck you, your lack of basic logical skills, and your barbaric religion as well.

When I criticise Talmud, I give proper references to show why Talmud is detestable. Out of 100,000,000 comments against Quran and Gospels if you have thrown couple of anti-Talmud comments without giving proper references and in an effort to stop me bringing the shit out of Talmud then that is not a big deal. Among anti-Quran and anti-Gospel posts if I have missed anti-Talmud posts then please show them to me and prove that I am not the only person who is writing anti-Talmud posts and atheist forum is not biased.

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