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Current time: 24th June 2017, 23:45

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Kent Hovind denies Relativity
RE: Kent Hovind denies Relativity
(19th June 2017, 17:18)Alex K Wrote: I couldn't keep listening to his saying over and over and over that evolution is a religion because a farmer in timbuktu knows that horses only beget horses. Ugh, life is too short to listen to this crap. I take it Hovind does get around to discussing cosmology eventually?

Yeah eventually, and he's even more ignorant of that than he is of biology.
RE: Kent Hovind denies Relativity
What Hovind doesn't get is a horse begetting a horse is predicted by evolution . If a horse suddenly gave birth to a cat evolution may have a problem. Creationist seem to have this wacky notion that evolution is a transformation when it's in fact modification .
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RE: Kent Hovind denies Relativity
Oh my.

Denying relativity!

Now our nukes won't work if we have to blast the godless mainland Chinese !!!!
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RE: Kent Hovind denies Relativity
(19th June 2017, 17:18)Alex K Wrote: I take it Hovind does get around to discussing cosmology eventually?

For a given value of "discussing". He can't grasp that it's the space that's expanding that causes galaxies to move apart and that it can do that faster than light. Also an object being millions of lightyears away (which we can't measure) doesn't mean that it took millions of years for its light to reach us, because a lightyear isn't a measure of time - which it isn't of course, but the implications sail right over his head.

Anyway, KC skewered every tactic in the Hovind arsenal in his own opening address. It's almost as if they've all been heard many times before.
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RE: Kent Hovind denies Relativity
Denies relativity, of course. There has probably been inbreeding in his genetic line for quite some time.
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