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psychics suck
RE: psychics suck
I have a friend who used to be an honest telephone psychic. He would tell callers that he didn't have any psychic powers, but they were convinced that he did anyway.
I'm not anti-Christian. I'm anti-stupid.
RE: psychics suck
(10th August 2017, 08:00)Duke Guilmon Wrote:
(9th August 2017, 18:56)mh.brewer Wrote: Typically I don't let them get close enough to me to make the suck move.

what kind of suck move?

For my wallet or neck.
God(s) and religions are man made and the bane of humanity. 

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RE: psychics suck
(10th August 2017, 07:34)Aegon Wrote: I love watching James Randi debunk them right in front of people.


I think you meant to do this Aegon,

RE: psychics suck
(10th August 2017, 08:39)Duke Guilmon Wrote:
(10th August 2017, 08:13)Hammy Wrote: I always knew that 100% of psychics were retarded and 66.6666% were fraudulent. But I didn't know they suck. I am rather desperate so if you can give me the number of one maybe I can get a little release. Just make sure they're female and tasty, y'know?

^Massively creepy thing to say^

I can't even get a suck myself, so you are out of luck.

When did i say I could get one? Lol.
We do not change our minds. Our minds change us.
RE: psychics suck
As much as I detest loathe and despise psychics, my disappointment (and outrage) is more focused with the US religious community for giving Nancy Reagan a pass when she was covertly paying LITERALLY (!!!) a court astrologer to manage her husbands presidency. Compounding her vile conduct was her husband (and his party's) SHAMELESS pandering to those same religious folks.

And Nancy Reagan's sin isn't against some obscure bit of scripture hidden in the bible, it's one of the Ten Commandments, (the one about having no other gods before the True God, for our visitors from Rio Linda) and supposedly, the Ten Commandments (especially then, not so much now) were not up for negotiation.

Additionally, the psychic, in her book What Does Joan Say CLEARLY admits to blaspheming God in her PATHETIC attempt at a Biblical justification for use of her 'special powers' to help Nancy. The only thing Joan Quigley helped Nancy with was to grease her slide to HELL. And all the religious folks who did know better nevertheless gave her a pass, sacrificing their own Salvation for picayune political points of absolutely no concern to JESUS.
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RE: psychics suck
Princess Diana used to be helicoptered in to visit her own personal psychic woman for "readings".
If the woman had been any good she'd have warned Diana- "The stars tell me you shouldn't go riding around Paris with a muslim in a car driven at high speed by a drunk frenchman"..Smile

And they say Hitler used to consult astrologers, even though he'd jailed some of them in the past-
ADOLF- "I hope you don't bear a grudge against me for jailing you that time?"
ASTROLOGER- "Perish the thought mein Fuhrer!"
ADOLF- "Good, now can you tell me what the stars say I should do?"
ASTROLOGER- "Invade every country in sight and become World Ruler"
ADOLF- "Thanks, but is there any risk in it for me?"
"ASTROLOGER- "Nah, none at all!"
RE: psychics suck
I wishes more psychics sucked. Some of them are pretty cute.
RE: psychics suck
(10th August 2017, 21:31)bennyboy Wrote: I wishes more psychics sucked.  Some of them are pretty cute.

But would it be worth it?
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RE: psychics suck
(9th August 2017, 19:01)Brian37 Wrote: I may hate Penn's economic views, but on claims of the super natural and "magic" he will admit there is no such thing, and it is simply a trick the mark is not in on.

Penn has economic views?
RE: psychics suck
Yeah you should read "Psychic Mafia" book. It's by an ex psychic who describes how psychics gather data and share it among eachother about personal stuff of people surrounding them. How they steal people's stuff from their homes so they would ask their psychic abilities to find them. And then the seanses. The whole bullshit about trumpets and ectoplasm. Sometimes they go so far with ectoplasm that they have people pulling blankets over their heads pretending to be deasesd relatives in form of ectoplasm and they go so far that they even have sex as ectoplasms with clients.

But also what I gather is that it is a form of Christianity where people expect this kind of performances, not just that you dress up for Sunday, go to church and vegetate for an hour or two, they want more. It goes so far that sometimes one spouse tries to persuade other spouse how fake it is and then the psychic takes that rational spouse to his office and tells him these are the files, these are the stolen stuff and you can't do anything about it. Or in the end when the author of the book told his congregation in the church that it was all fake and he is a  liar most of them did not want to believe and did not care. When people want to believe in something there is nothing that can discourage them.
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