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Spooky Ghost!
RE: Spooky Ghost!
I love horror. Movies, haunted houses/woods -professional moneymakers or the urban legend kind- novels, shows and even some good creepypastas (looking at you Michael Whitehouse). That said, the magic always dies for me the moment I leave or stop reading/watching.

I kinda miss the creep factor after indulging, but my skepticism just couldn't leave it alone once I broke out of Christianity. *sigh*
[Image: bbb59Ce.gif]

(17th September 2015, 16:04)Parkers Tan Wrote: I make change in the coin tendered. If you want courteous treatment, behave courteously. Preaching at me and calling me immoral is not courteous behavior.
RE: Spooky Ghost!
Saw the OP title... instantly thought of this:

[Image: image.jpg]

I see "Spooky Ghosts" all the time. About 5-8 times a day. My apartment must be haunted Shock

. . . yeah haunted with mayo!
Steven Wilson Wrote:A good impression of myself
Not much to conceal
I'm saying nothing
But I'm saying nothing with feel

I simply am not here
No way I...
Shut up, be happy
Stop whining please

Because of who we are
We react in mock surprise
The curse of "there must be more"
So don't breathe here,
Don't leave your bags

But am I here?
It's kind of hard to tell
I do a good impression of myself
But what's normal now anyhow?
RE: Spooky Ghost!
Why would a ghost waste its time shaking a locker?  Wouldn't they have anything better to do?

RE: Spooky Ghost!
(12th October 2017, 10:57)Minimalist Wrote: Why would a ghost waste its time shaking a locker?  Wouldn't they have anything better to do?

It's not easy Min, when you're a ghost...
I asked one to spell out my long Greek surname on a Ouija board once. It got halfway and died of exhaustion or old age I think? Dunno
Quote:AtlasS33 wrote:
"When it comes to the deiety I worship, he sent a book, it contained a message. I took that message, tested it, then I realized he is God : it didn't break against reality."
Pulse Wrote:
~ Atheism seems so incredibly counter intuitive, that to even begin to take it seriously, one has to suspend all logic."
Godscreated Wrote:
~ Magic is an illusion, what God does isn't an illusion it is real and unexplainable. If you mean I would call it a miracle, you're right."

Religion: making the uncomfortable comfortable for thousands of years.

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