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Fartbook is really ticking me off right now.
Fartbook is really ticking me off right now.
I got a new laptop. Spent hours yesterday setting it up and getting all the websites I hang out at to log in the same way they do on my old one.

Ok, I had access to Facebook yesterday after setting everything up. But today, cleared my history, BUT did not select the "password" option. So on my new laptop I can still access this site, Twitter too, but for some stupid fucking reason FB wont let me log in on this laptop. BUT I switch out to my old one it does. All the other websites including this one still log in just not Facebook.

I EVEN tried resetting my password too, MULTIPLE TIMES but it is not fucking sending a damned thing to my e-mail address.

How the fuck is it I can swap out to my old computer and FB works but t wont let me log in on my new laptop which I am typing on now?

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