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What are your thoughts on corporate run media?
What are your thoughts on corporate run media?
I am talking about local news stations that are owned by a larger nation wide group that owns several of those news stations across the country. Just an example, I notice my local news waters down the weather forecast. Based on scientific models that I use and that the National Weather service uses, there is a very good chance at strong severe thunderstorms today. However, I viewed the forecast on my local abc affiliate and they stated that there is a slight chance for shower. Another good one is scripted, pre-packaged news reports. I cannot stand those! They seem more like robots to me that are simply reporting what is in the interest of a large corporation.

Maybe it's just me

Rant over.
RE: What are your thoughts on corporate run media?
O&O stations are more likely to be carried by streaming services like Sling and Playstation VUE, so that's good.
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RE: What are your thoughts on corporate run media?
No. It is not just you.

It's one reason why I watch the BBC online.

I don't know how old you are, L/G.  This might have been before your time.  If not, it is a good reminder.

RE: What are your thoughts on corporate run media?
To literally answer your question (not comment on specific agencies), I think it sucks.

There are some things that are simply not compatible with Capitalism. Accurate news reporting may be one of them - at least not without heavy oversight.

People are people - with all their good intentions and limitations. Put a person in a position where they must chose between doing what they believe is right and feathering their own nest...well, people will be people.

This is why I am sometimes utterly astounded by the naivety of Libertarians. People will do the right things if left to themselves? Yeah, right!

I am very optimistic regarding the potentiality of humankind but ONLY if I assume we will recognize our own shortcomings and make adjustments for it. Turning people loose to police themselves is not realistic at our current level of intelligence. Some day after we have further evolved, perhaps. But not now. Most people as they currently are require oversight to be trusted. That's just the way it is.
Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former.

Albert Einstein

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