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Palestinian rock throwing, but isnt that against their religion?
Palestinian rock throwing, but isnt that against their religion?
Unless they are shiites(shia) or something. Like Iran is state sponsoring terrorist organization  to remove Israel. Reason is Shiites dont think hadiths really matters much because they dont trust even their own collection of hadiths which they think is closest to being true from what i know.

But if you are a sunni muslim (though against mafia religious cultures such as Traditional Christianity and sunni islam)
In either case it says you are not supposed to throw rocks at people, even if its an enemy. An earlier hadith i read it was also due to not creating miscarriages among females who are pregnant etc.

On Sunan ibn majah. Unless at the end it says "just throw rocks etc" but so far i dont see any justisification for it. Last hadith of the canonical more or less then i am done.

It was narrated from Sa'eed bin Jubair that :

Abdullah bin Mughaffal was sitting beside a nephew of his, the nephew hurled a pebble and he told him not to do that, and he said: "The Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) had forbidden that. He (the Prophet) said: 'It cannot be used for hunting and it cannot harm an enemy, but it may break a tooth or put an eye out." He said." His nephew hurled another pebble and he ("Abdullah bin Mughaffal) said: 'I tell you that the Messenger of Allah forbade that (and you go hurl another pebble)? I will never speak to you again.'"
GradeSahih (Darussalam)
Vol. 1, Book 1, Hadith 17

RE: Palestinian rock throwing, but isnt that against their religion?
The fuckers are always throwing rocks.  It's about the only thing they excel at.

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