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Ronald Reagan AIDS speech, 1987
Ronald Reagan AIDS speech, 1987
I was watching this "important" speech by Ronald Reagan and his supposed measures to fight AIDS where it was even one of the first times Reagan even said the word "AIDS" in public

And what he proposes in the speech is ridiculous: His measures for fighting AIDS are testing heterosexuals at marriage license bureaus, but very few of these people were infected with the virus and very few lives would be saved. There is little talk about education and no guarantees or civil rights protection for those who tested positive. Not to mention that he never even mentioned gays. So it seems Reagan’s program did very little to actually stop the spread of AIDS.

It kind of all looks like a giant joke, especially since he basically started the speech with a joke (imagine addressing a topic of a holocaust and then telling jokes). And not just a joke but a creepy joke about charity committee and how wealthiest man in town doesn't give money to sick people - you know like Reagan's handling of AIDS: He hadn't ascribed much importance or funding priority to any other non-armaments program during his presidency, why should he have given any to AIDS?

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