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Fantastic Beasts speculation thread. (Spoilers ongoing)
Fantastic Beasts speculation thread. (Spoilers ongoing)
Crimes was 2/5, so we have a ways to go before the denouement. But why should that stop us?

1. Queenie's defection. I think JK has placed Queenie in the enemy camp so she can be "behind the lines", so to speak, at the proper moment.

2. The blood pact needs to be destroyed. Dumbledore doesn't know if he can do that. But he does had a friend that knows some mighty unusual, and powerful, creatures. Newt says that Grindelwald doesn't understand creatures that he holds in little value.

3. Credence is an out-of-the-blue Dumbledore. In other words, Grinny is lying to him. "You're not just a wizard, you're a member of a very powerful family!" Yeah, right.

The bonus material on the blu-ray is ... intriguing.

Whatif: Aurelius was Dumbledore's son? And that was part of the falling out between the two young men?
RE: Fantastic Beasts speculation thread. (Spoilers ongoing)
Panic eeep when’s the next movie!?
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RE: Fantastic Beasts speculation thread. (Spoilers ongoing)
RE: Fantastic Beasts speculation thread. (Spoilers ongoing)
My own speculations:

1.  The Potter franchise will continue until the heat death of the universe, possibly beyond.

2.  It will be revealed in the next film that one of the 'fantastic beasts' is an Ewok who works for MI6.

3.  Grindelwald will eventually acquire all of the Infinity Stones.

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RE: Fantastic Beasts speculation thread. (Spoilers ongoing)
Ah, I hadn't thought about that!

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