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AAF "Suspends" the league.....
AAF "Suspends" the league.....
Cant say I am surprised. The NFL farm spring football league stopped it's season. 

They did have a couple of good teams, but from what I saw, I could not understand how they picked so many mistake prone players. America's universities and colleges are full of talented players that do not make mistakes. I also think some of the choices they made for cities made no sense. A couple of the cities had a decent draw. But it is still a huge risk if your team has a crappy season in a brand new league. This is the USFL all over.

I do know on a basic level that with any business, that upstart has to assume more loss than not at first, and only after a couple years do you start to make gains. And in general, 50% of all upstart businesses, big or small fail within the first 5 years.


I love the way they said in  the statement "quality players." Um no, certainly there were some. But I have seen less mistakes in tons of college games. And some of the rules I didn't like. I didn't like no kickoff. I didn't like no option for the 1 point extra point. I didn't like the clock not stopping when running out of bounds.

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