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Champions League
Champions League
So, realise that football/soccer isn’t as popular across the pond (though that is changing) however has anyone been watching the CL this year? What an absolutely crazy tournament it’s been. 

I’m a life long spurs fan so to see our come back against Ajax last night...I’ll be honest I nearly cried. First CL final in our history, however the Liverpool game before that on Tuesday was just as insane, overturning a 3-0 deficit against Barcelona...wow! And even before that you had spurs vs Man City and PSG vs Man Utd.

What a tournament. Half tempted to take time off work and drive down to Madrid in June for the game. Couldn’t afford tickets but the city will be buzzing with Liverpool and spurs fans. Can’t think of a better weekend away than in Spain drinking with the lads!

So anyone been watching, and do you think we’ll see this kind of dramatic finale again for a while? I can’t remember a tournament like it.

RE: Champions League
that spurs v ajax game was insane fucking loved it whos going to win ??? either way it shows the talents of the players in both teams am watching the game with friends on the 1st june getting munchies and soda ( i dont drink )
RE: Champions League
Been following it, definitely one of the best yet. Lifelong Barca fan so not going particularly well for me personally, but beautiful football being played. Smile
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