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Ask a woman who just turned 50.
RE: Ask a woman who just turned 50.
(November 30, 2021 at 1:10 pm)BrokenQuill92 Wrote: As someone who is about to leave her 20s and is stressing about it….do you feel devalued as you age?

 Yes, but only by younger people. Generally  I've noticed that they seem to look straight through me.

I had my mid life crisis at 30. Absolutely freaked! Made some poor decisions, including  getting married at  31.  Cool

Turning forty bothered me not a jot or tittle. Nor 50, nor 60.   Turning 70 was another matter.  Although the person inside still felt about 25, the person on the outside was no longer allowed to get up on ladders and stopped driving at night. 

A wise friend once opined that older people tend to be kinder and more accepting of each other than 20,30-ish kids
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