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So In Deity-Free World: Financial Inclusion!
So In Deity-Free World: Financial Inclusion!
US Federal Reserve estimates Total Net Debt to be about $80.0 tril.:  About the number of deities alleged in all of history--not that pre-humans of any type knew anything about that.   The Hebrew calendar only goes back 6000 to 7000 years.  Everyone else clocks in about 4.0 bil. years.  Humans had come out of the primordial rain forest only about 5000 years ago:  Even creating farming, and all by themselves.

Humans could eat, get fat, large, and dominating of one another.  An exiled Egyptian Prince would be able to actually help write down a lot stories about what happened next.  One thing happening was counting.  Primitives of the last century, finally discovered, understood one, two, and many.  Conquering and subjugating Egypt was far more advanced than that.  It could not only count, but create, and construct.  It could count its own peoples, and other peoples:  And learn to kill them, enslave them, and create additional time-off for other inventions.

One thing new was usury.  Just numbers themselves could be manipulated.  One thing plus one thing could be two things.  One woman could multiply even more things.  Two women could multiply even more things.  And so numbers were able to be multiplied.  And then counting could be assigned, even to things that mattered.   Mail toiler had five plow sticks, and could trade one for other stuff.  By the By, numbers could be assigned so that some had way more, and could exchange them for even labor, materials, food, clothing, animals, and anything else.

Then others had less.  One number applied to all the others could create very rich people, and people with less to exchange.   The market place arose, able to support the more greatly numbered.  They could use the numbers to subjugate the lesser numbers:  Early labor.

So Moses came up with Deut. 23:19-20.  Primitive Israel would not do usury arithmetic like that amongst one another.  Everyone else they could set to subjugation with joyful abandon.  The one peoples could be a nation just doing math to everyone else.  At least one king could see himself blessed with so many numbers as to be able to take on many of the women multipliers, and make them--whatever happened in history.

Other nations were also able to subjugate their own peoples--laboring slaves and educated democracy participants, most famously arose.  So one or more carpenters could notice that numbers on one side of a board rectangle could apply to a diagonal from the lower left to the upper right.  Little lines could be drawn from the left side to the diagonal:  And just like usury.  Then a line could be drawn down the middle, parallel to the left side.  Up at the top, there were more little lines in some of the space.  At the bottom there were no lines at all in the space.  So if people at those levels on the board went to a market--they were worthless.   The marketplace needed that gap filled.

So Alexander the Great would start to spread concepts like that around--not entirely consciously or deliberately.

New Testament Matthew 25: 14-30 would show the usury outcome--the Foreclosure Crisis of of 2008, 2009.  New Testament Matthew 20:1-16 would remedy the problem of the missing lines at the lower levels.  Everyone could go to market with something, plus some newly earned--and regardless if they had worked all the (year) or not:  Like the Obama refundable, equal-amount refundable:  Make Work Pay Income Tax Credit.

That's a fast-forward.  "Good Without A God" was not applied.

And certainly not by New Testament, subject the Gospels.  Certainly not Mohammed, who would only condemn wealth from usury.  Certainly not Adam Smith, appreciative of accumulation and sloth.  Certain not Karl Marx, who would backtrack to "Kill everyone in sight:"  No new numbering method applied.  Keynes would pick up on the numbers, but not the remedy method, only the usury method.  John Kenneth Galbraith would also leave that out of any explanations.  Milton Friedman, and any remaining followers, would offer no such remedy.

US President Nixon had created a reliance on usury-based wage and price guidelines.   Senator George McGovern had proposed and equal amount, national remedy--at last.  President Ford would launch equal amount tax rebates.  Congress would create the per child equal amount tax credit, advertised directly as a remedy for the heinous and usury based:  Regressive payroll tax.  Later on, in 1986:  Then Congress would raise and index the standard deduction and personal exemptions in the tax code.  By the time of the Bush Presidency, after the first one:  So many people were off the tax rolls that tax cuts offered no stimulus at all to the economy.

And famously now:  There are giant federal deficits, and fears of a global recession.

There is no deity about it.

A description would appear in the Free Venice Beach, mid-1980's, an underground paper, famous author, Ken Kesey had been a founder.

Only last year, Nigeria could create "Traders Moni," as first-time-ever-in history equal amounts of credit for 2.0 mil. micro-businesses.  When the credit is repaid, then a new limit is created, equally, at a higher amount.  It can be called credit, but not wealth from Riba:  Nigeria being Commonwealth, but also nearly half Moslem.

So Look Ma!  No Deity!
RE: So In Deity-Free World: Financial Inclusion!
(August 25, 2019 at 6:18 am)mascale Wrote: Only last year, Nigeria could create "Traders Moni," as first-time-ever-in history equal amounts of credit for 2.0 mil. micro-businesses.  When the credit is repaid, then a new limit is created, equally, at a higher amount.  It can be called credit, but not wealth from Riba:  Nigeria being Commonwealth, but also nearly half Moslem.

So Look Ma!  No Deity!

Don't know much about this (not being a money guy) but Sharia-compliant Islamic banking seems to have its good points. 

RE: So In Deity-Free World: Financial Inclusion!
At work.

Pretty sure this is a 'Cut, paste, post' by a, now, serial offender.

They were obnoxious in the past yet keep making new accounts only to be banned again.

Even in the few threads I've seen where the OP has had time to respond before banning...... they never do.

Cheers Belaqua.
RE: So In Deity-Free World: Financial Inclusion!

‘Let me never fall into the vulgar mistake of dreaming that I am persecuted whenever I am contradicted.’ Ralph Waldo Emerson
RE: So In Deity-Free World: Financial Inclusion!
The half-dozen or so Sharia Riba rules are mostly just lease-type arrangements.  Interest is not paid on savings or other instruments:  Easily to the joy of one Imam to a number of others.   Bank of Israel has its problems, and rules, also.  The Bank of Dubai can buy the item, create a processing surcharge, and essentially lease it out.

The joy of the Imam, Shah, local King remains at the expense of the impoverished Palestinian, or any others.  Persia was starting to emerge, but went on to other joy instead--firmly ecclesiastic.

Anyone puts a left-right diagonal in a rectangle.  Lines parallel to the bottom or top can be drawn in from the left-side to the right.  The raises are Personal Income.  Central Government often funds public spending projects out of credit.  Those should be employing labor at lower incomes extensively.  That tends to exclude rocket ships and warplanes development--or even developing nuclear weapons capability.

So Mohammed was intellectually and mentally deficient--post-Gospel New Testament no too up on things. Applicable that is also to Old Testament, all through it.  Moses was an exiled Prince.  Mostly, living around the sheep is what the guys knew how to do.  The Greeks came up with Euclid.  The Romans prized Greek slaves above all others. On and on it went.

Remedy is rarely offered even now.  USA does not expect the Persians and Saudi's to buy the Treasury notes.  USA has long-since looked to China, which seems to have expected favored treatment in return(?).

Now, Atheist in China there likely may be.  In the Middle East, not so much would be expected at all--subsequent both Moses and Mohammed.
RE: So In Deity-Free World: Financial Inclusion!
At work.



That's one heck of 'Stream of consciousness' reply there.

Might you want to try breaking things down into just a single, simple point at a time mascale?

Or... is this the kind of thing you get when you put one language through a 'Google translator' type affair?

RE: So In Deity-Free World: Financial Inclusion!
Moses, Geometry and banking... Is someone testing a new extremist bot? I must confess, as a bot I'm fairly certain my 13 could program better. As an actual person.. dissociative much?
"There ought to be a term that would designate those who actually follow the teachings of Jesus, since the word 'Christian' has been largely divorced from those teachings, and so polluted by fundamentalists that it has come to connote their polar opposite: intolerance, vindictive hatred, and bigotry." -- Philip Stater, Huffington Post

always working on cleaning my windows- me regarding Johari

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