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Anybody ever run Windows 10 on server hardware?
Anybody ever run Windows 10 on server hardware?
We have terabytes of images to process. We built a really nice PC to do the work but there are so many of the images it is going really slow. We were hoping to speed things up by adding a second machine. So we put Windows 10 on a dual Xeon Dell 510. Everything seems to be working, but it is a lot slower than the PC we built. One problem seems to be it is barely using any system resources. I have it running right now converting a bunch of RAW images to TIFF files, but it is only using about 15% of the processor resources, 15% of the available memory, and the PCIE SSD where all the work is being done is only at 0-2% usage.

Any suggestions on how to force it to use more resources?
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RE: Anybody ever run Windows 10 on server hardware?
Install Linux and use ImageMagick. No idea about windows.

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