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Pandemic survival diary.
Pandemic survival diary.
I'm writing this for posterior. If you are reading this some time in the future I will assume you joined the cannibal hordes.


Day Three. Food stores gone. Originally estimated my supplies to last three months. Okay, so I'm a nervous eater. It's the fucking end of the world, man!

The good thing about having a hydrant in the front yard is I know which neighbors are likely to have dog food stored up.

And dogs. (Downloading Korean cookbook.)

Day Five: Postal worker arrived. Total surprise. For him. He should have known better.

Food situation looks better, lots of long pig on the menu.

Day Seven. Lured grackle swarm in with fake corn and netted 37 of them. Tedious to clean that many birds, and nearly impossible to not snack during the process.

I thought the electricity might come back on, I saw several neighbors chasing a Power and Light guy down the street. Should have let him fix the power THEN asked him if he'd like to stay for supper.

Day 8: Thought I was finally going to get a little pussy today, but she is consistently faster than me. Probably smarter too. The stew pot awaits you!

Heard gunfire somewhere near the firehouse. Still meat on the hoof to be hand.

Amazon drone delivered my ramen order. Gave them five stars for reliability.
RE: Pandemic survival diary.
Day 11: Hordes of feral children streaming past my house. I didn't know the schools were still open.
RE: Pandemic survival diary.
On what day did you eat the last of the toilet rolls?
Miserable Bastard.
RE: Pandemic survival diary.
(March 18, 2020 at 10:17 am)Succubus#2 Wrote: On what day did you eat the last of the toilet rolls?

Mine or my recently deceased neighbors'?
RE: Pandemic survival diary.
If I didn't have a radio and TV - (or my SO) I probably wouldn't have even noticed anything was afoot.

It's pretty quiet around here on a normal day.

I did notice less air traffic....
RE: Pandemic survival diary.
Swapped a 120g bottle of hand sanitizer for 60 bog rolls, a crossbow, a side of beef and a large spray can of Looter-B-Gone.

‘Let me never fall into the vulgar mistake of dreaming that I am persecuted whenever I am contradicted.’ Ralph Waldo Emerson
RE: Pandemic survival diary.
I was somewhat confused by the bare shelves at the stores, I don't pay attention to the news, just ,more pain, agony, and despair, oh my, leading to deep dark depression and endless misery.
RE: Pandemic survival diary.
The store was out of hand sanitizer so I bought 4 half gallons of vodka.

If it doesn't kill virus when used externally I will apply it internally. If it doesn't work I won't care.
RE: Pandemic survival diary.
Lazy Mary: Stoli and V-8 Spicy Hot tomato juice.
RE: Pandemic survival diary.
(March 18, 2020 at 10:58 am)Gawdzilla Sama Wrote: Lazy Mary: Stoli and V-8 Spicy Hot tomato juice.

There's enough Cossack in me that I drink my vodka neat.....

A bit of ice in really hot weather.

Or with Ruby Red Squirt and gummi worms if I'm in the mood for a foo-foo drink....

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