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Black female Dr. dies of covid. Treatment in question.
Black female Dr. dies of covid. Treatment in question.
Dr. Susan Moore passed away on Sunday due to complications from Covid-19, her son told the New York Times. The internist died about two weeks after she shared a video in which she accused a doctor at Indiana University Health North Hospital (IU North) of ignoring her complaints of pain and requests for medication because she was Black, even though she was both a patient and a doctor herself.

She had to beg to receive remdesivir, she recalled in the video, the antiviral drug used to treat patients who are hospitalized for Covid-19 and are not in need of mechanical ventilation.

And despite her pain, the doctor told Moore he might send her home, she said, and he didn't feel comfortable giving her more narcotics. "He made me feel like I was a drug addict," she said in the video. "And he knew I was a physician."

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RE: Black female Dr. dies of covid. Treatment in question.
I've read that the same has been happening to people with disabilities.
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RE: Black female Dr. dies of covid. Treatment in question.
My coworker's partner's grandmother was sent home from the hospital - there seems to be some ageism going on too. She's back in the hospital after a horrible night at home barely hanging on.

I am not sure if things are so dire that resources are having to be allocated but I wouldn't be surprised. If that's the case, the rules should be clear and the decision makers biased only by their medical knowledge of a case.
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