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No More Guns
RE: No More Guns
(July 16, 2021 at 11:19 am)LadyForCamus Wrote:
(July 16, 2021 at 3:27 am)onlinebiker Wrote: See The National Rifleman - the NRA magazine. They have a regular column that has been running for decades Called The Armed Citizen - that give cases where a gun saved somebody' s ass. They give names, dates and places - all easily verifiable. You can cry "shill" and " bias" all you like - but I bet you can' t prove any of those cases as false.

I didn’t say it “never” happened. I said it’s rare in comparison to how many people are killed by firearms annually. That’s an objective fact of reality. I’m sorry that it triggers you so.

Does that statistic distinguish between suicides, accidents, and violence? I am not saying your wrong but very often suicides are not excluded when IMPO they shouldn't count, since those people would be just as dead by rope or bridge.
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RE: No More Guns
Quote:Does that statistic distinguish between suicides, accidents, and violence? I am not saying your wrong but very often suicides are not excluded when IMPO they shouldn't count, since those people would be just as dead by rope or bridge.
Nope, being shot is being shot.
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RE: No More Guns
(June 25, 2021 at 6:56 pm)Foxaire Wrote: Not all gun related news is a mass shooting; thus, this thread.

As school shootings surge, a sixth-grader tucks his dad’s gun in his backpack
Quote:Months had passed since the sixth-grader decided he wanted to die, and now the day that he hoped would be his last had come. The boy snuck into his father’s bedroom, reaching into a dresser drawer for the loaded magazine and 9mm handgun he’d been told never to touch. He hid them both inside his backpack, then left for school.

“I hope my death makes more senses then my life,” the 12-year-old had already jotted in a spiral-bound notebook of his plan to commit suicide-by-cop. He would have shot himself if he hadn’t feared offending God, he later said in an interview he and his father gave to The Washington Post. Forcing a police officer to kill him didn’t seem as bad.

“That way it wasn’t a sin,” he explained.

So, at 8:44 a.m. on April 26, he walked down a busy hallway at Plymouth Middle School outside of Minneapolis, loaded the magazine, chambered a round. He pointed his dad’s gun toward the ceiling, the start of a school shooting that, like more than a dozen others in the past four months, has gone almost entirely overlooked during the pandemic.

Pop, pop, pop.

He saw the terror in the eyes of the kids around him. He heard their screams. He watched them run. With the hallway empty, he said, he removed the magazine and cleared the chamber. Then the boy sat on the floor, where he waited for someone to kill him.

[Image: RJY4V5WO3MI6XIREXVM32IQZPQ.jpg&w=691]


I read this as a headline.

Very sad.

Seems more of a failing on the part of the society as a whole and some small blame on the parents that they;

A) Didn't notice the distress of their child. Though internal mental health is obviously very hard to work out. Hence the science and study of it.

B) That the parent's weren't quite upto the task of adding just one or two more safety things around the fire arm. Not saying "Keep it in a vault!" but... a side draw?

Be well folks in America.
RE: No More Guns
Garland vows crackdown on gun trafficking as violence surges
Quote:Attorney General Merrick Garland vowed Thursday that the Justice Department would crack down on gun trafficking corridors as part of a comprehensive approach to combat surging gun violence that also includes funding community intervention programs and other neighborhood groups.
[Image: mtfbwyf.jpg]
RE: No More Guns
TikTok Star Anthony Barajas Has Died After He And A Woman Were Shot At A "Purge" Screening
[Image: mtfbwyf.jpg]
RE: No More Guns
The facts and data are clear; the "good guy with a gun" is not a viable and reliable option for public safety. It's the other way around. Less than 1% of cases turn out to be successful. Far more turn out horribly wrong. Perhaps if every gun owner had hundreds of hours of training and practice as well as life experience using firearms to kill other humans (think military), then this might not be the case. But it simply is.

Why is it so?
~Julius Sumner Miller

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