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Just the essentials or all the bells and whistles?
RE: Just the essentials or all the bells and whistles?
(September 17, 2021 at 12:42 pm)arewethereyet Wrote:
(September 17, 2021 at 12:38 pm)Angrboda Wrote: I love mangoes, and Walmart and Aldi's sell them cheap.  So when I saw a mango slicer for sale at Aldi's, I grabbed it.  Since then, I've been regularly buying mangoes a few at a time, but not getting around to slicing them before they go bad.  When I do slice up some mangoes, I'm very happy, but I waste a lot of food buying them.  And while I can eat them with the skin on, eating them without is better, which requires some deft skinning with a knife.  So even though I waste a lot of mangoes, I'm considering buying a $3 fillet knife at Walmart to make skinning them easier.

My therapist referred to me as a gadget person, and I guess that's right.  I try not to buy kitchen gadgets that are unlikely to be used, but nothing lights up my eyes like a new kitchen gadget.  I just bought a 6-quart slow cooker, and upon discovering that it's too small for my large batches of stuff, decided to get a 10-quart slow cooker as well!

I made a list of my kitchen gadgets for another forum:


You must have a huge kitchen with lots of storage!

I live in a handicapped accessible apartment, so the kitchen and living room is one contiguous space.  I use half for my living room, and in the other half I have 3-1/2 chrome plated wire shelving units.  I use those for my food, freeing up the cabinets for dishes and gadgets.  I use S-hooks on the shelves to hang my pots and pans, and additionally the middle shelves are spaced far enough apart to serve as additional counter space.  Since I rarely have visitors, I have utility tables that I use for even more counter space.  All told, I've got a lot of room for things.  Cooking has become my new hobby since I stopped being depressed all the time and living on frozen TV dinners.
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