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Can I Just Say and I'm just being honest (Holiday Edition)
Can I Just Say and I'm just being honest (Holiday Edition)
Well, that happened.

Thanksgiving day came and went! No doubt there was soMeone in the family (there always is) who turned dinner for Thankfulness into an ideological debate! Or perhaps there was some juicy family drama, or maybe you were civilized and had no drama but now your mind is racing because you have a ton of things to get off your chest!

I for one, do. So, here you go guys have at it! Say what you wanted to say but didn't! Say what comes to mind. Say what you DID say (and include detailed descriptions of the sequence of events that followed, if you wants)! I'll start;
Can I just say and I'm just being honest:

Green bean Casserole is meant to have French onions on it, bitches! I will never order premade meal from King Sooers again. Knock before you enter my room, asshat! Thanks for getting dementia grandpa drunk before sending him home, tomorrow's gonna be a blasssstttt!!!!
Oh and also? Don't fuckin harass my mom on her facebook because she's anti Trump, dickhead. Especially cuz its supposed to be a bullshit free holiday, so check yourself before I wreck you!

Black Friday is dumb.

I felt guilty all day in my warm house with delicious fucking food, knowing you are freezing your ass off at Standing Rock and I don't know what to say to you that doesn't sound entitled or racist, so you're getting a picture of a penguin dressed as a turkey for your seasons greetings, sorry.

There, I said it, I feel better now. Big Grin

[Image: giphy.gif]

Astreja Wrote:
Quote:The sin is against an infinite being (God) and a sin unforgiven is infinite, so therefore the punishment is infinite.

Dead wrong.  The actions of a finite being measured against an infinite one are infinitesimal and therefore merit infinitesimal punishment.

Quote:Some people deserve hell, Astreja.

I say again:  No exceptions.  Punishment should be equal to the crime, not in excess of it.  As soon as punishment > crime, the punisher is in the wrong.

Interested in making the world a better place, Atlas?  Don't treat it as an all-or-nothing deal; just do something.  Anything.  It's better and easier to relieve suffering when and how you can, rather than waiting for utopia to just pop out of nowhere or waiting for a god to exact justice after we're dead.

RE: Can I Just Say and I'm just being honest (Holiday Edition)
CIJS - I'm gonna be that guy, but the whole idea behind being "thankful" for a massacre is a bit macabre. Especially in light of what's happening in Standing Rock right now, as the OP already mentioned.

I guess shits changed in 400 years
"Adulthood is like looking both ways before you cross the road, and then getting hit by an airplane"  - sarcasm_only

"Ironically like the nativist far-Right, which despises multiculturalism, but benefits from its ideas of difference to scapegoat the other and to promote its own white identity politics; these postmodernists, leftists, feminists and liberals also use multiculturalism, to side with the oppressor, by demanding respect and tolerance for oppression characterised as 'difference', no matter how intolerable."
- Maryam Namazie

RE: Can I Just Say and I'm just being honest (Holiday Edition)
Called out someone in my family this year who is always making passive aggressive comments to different people in the family about certain issues. Honestly it felt really good even though it did make things awkward for a few moments. I've never been one to care about social awkwardness though so I just spoke my mind and put them in their place.

She always messes with my one uncle who, quite honestly, has a bit of a drinking problem. She made some comments to me about being lazy (when I work 50 hour weeks and do plenty of odd jobs on the side to make money and I own my own business) and I just had enough of it. After she called me out she told me I was being sensitive and basically tried to turn the whole thing around on me and I sort of embarrassed her in front of everyone for trying to do that. I didn't say anything nasty but I just made her look stupid and it was actually quite satisfying.

Joking is one thing but insulting someone and disguising it as a joke is something different entirely and I've spent enough time on this planet to know the difference, especially when it comes from someone in my family.

Besides that it was a pretty successful day and everyone had a good time! We had green bean casserole, with french onions, and I found out I'm not a fan of it Sad
“Love is the only bow on Life’s dark cloud. It is the morning and the evening star. It shines upon the babe, and sheds its radiance on the quiet tomb. It is the mother of art, inspirer of poet, patriot and philosopher.

It is the air and light of every heart – builder of every home, kindler of every fire on every hearth. It was the first to dream of immortality. It fills the world with melody – for music is the voice of love.

Love is the magician, the enchanter, that changes worthless things to Joy, and makes royal kings and queens of common clay. It is the perfume of that wondrous flower, the heart, and without that sacred passion, that divine swoon, we are less than beasts; but with it, earth is heaven, and we are gods.” - Robert. G. Ingersoll

RE: Can I Just Say and I'm just being honest (Holiday Edition)
(25th November 2016, 03:26)Luckie Wrote: Green bean Casserole is meant to have French onions on it, bitches! I will never order premade meal from King Sooers again.

What?!? Green bean casserole without French onions on it? Oh, hell no!  Angry
RE: Can I Just Say and I'm just being honest (Holiday Edition)
2 hours of cooking, 1 hour of stuffing pie hole, rest of evening shot in food coma.

No drama, just physically uncomfortable. Sent all of the left overs home with my son and his two friends.
God(s) and religions are man made and the bane of humanity. 

Of all the things I've lost, I miss my mind the most. Ozzy or Twain/take your pick
RE: Can I Just Say and I'm just being honest (Holiday Edition)
I did absolutely not a damn thing yesterday and I'm okay with that.
Religion is bullshit. 

RE: Can I Just Say and I'm just being honest (Holiday Edition)
I had Thanksgiving dinner with a large family who are predominantly Born Again Christian; and had a great time. The food was excellent, as well.
“Life is like a grapefruit. Well, it's sort of orangey-yellow and dimpled on the outside, wet and squidgy in the middle. It's got pips inside, too. Oh, and some people have half a one for breakfast.”  - Ford Prefect
RE: Can I Just Say and I'm just being honest (Holiday Edition)
Dinner in a restaurant with friends.  It was superb.  Paid the bill and went home.  Stayed away from the fucking family.

RE: Can I Just Say and I'm just being honest (Holiday Edition)
Spent my holiday with family, but just a small gathering: my mom and her hubby, my favorite cousin and her hubby.

I normally am very careful to not eat too much on the holidays. I wasn't so careful yesterday.
RE: Can I Just Say and I'm just being honest (Holiday Edition)
My ex-husband and his wife with her fake boobs and her fake personality, and their spawn came to Thanksgiving. As did my mother, who I haven't seen or spoken to in four years, and my oldest son who I haven't seen or spoken to in eight years.

Needless to say, we're lucky the headlines today don't read "Woman cubs ex-husband's balls off, and then stabs him to death with a fork."

I mean the only reason my ex-husband came was--not to spend time with his grandkids. Oh no. It was so our oldest son and his wife could ask my mom for money. Because the bimbo wouldn't let him loan our son money. And of course he had the FUCKING AUDACITY to say that it's only fair my mother give our son money, when his parents gave me money. Especially when he didn't pay a goddamn penny in child support. He could buy the younger model he traded in for fake tits, but he couldn't help put food on the goddamn table.

And of course the bimbo also had to flaunt how perfect and in shape she is. Like she always does. Telling me I should join a gym. I'm probably a tad underweight, so she can shut the fuck up about joining a fucking gym. I look fucking fantastic for my age.

Really glad they won't be coming for Christmas. Now that they've got what they want, I suppose it'll be another 8 years before I see my oldest son again. Or at least whenever the next time he and his wife want money, and my mom happens to come around.

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