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Ask an Uber driver.
Ask an Uber driver.
Vroom Vroom.

I drive in Philadelphia, but also have done some in NYC. I drive a Van for UberX and XL pickups. I'm thinking about going dual service with Lyft.
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RE: Ask an Uber driver.
Had any good looking passenger women tried to seduce you?
RE: Ask an Uber driver.
(January 2, 2022 at 5:54 am)purplepurpose Wrote: Had any good looking passenger women tried to seduce you?

Never been seduced. Have had several good looking women passengers. Had a group of young women heading to the club. Their street was a shit show of traffic. Had to back up, against traffic, to reach them. They had the wrong arrival address or Uber messed up. They thanked me for doing so so they didn't have to run/walk half a block in high-heels. One was drunk and repeatedly asking how close we were. We arrived 2 mins ahead of the estimate. They did not tip.

Once had half a sorority in the van looking to go to an impromptu party in a dangerous part of Philadelphia. They even exclaimed upon arriving: "Is this safe?" I opened the automatic doors and watched them walk awkwardly off in a very poor neighborhood. They did not tip.

Had a group of collage girls out in Manayunk for a late lunch. Drove them from that burb all the way into university city to their dorm house during rush hour traffic. They were pleasant and mostly talked about their friends and classes. They did not tip.

I don't know how to edit my first post so I'll make this one.

I don't think many people know how the payment structure works. For simplicity let's say an Uber drive costs the rider two dollars a minute (this isn't to far off in my city). So a 10 minute drive costs the rider $20. To the rider that is an expensive ride.

To the Driver that is a cheap ride. Of that $20 the Driver gets about $7-$8. I think Riders feel that the Driver is making much more of the fare than they are. I think this also leads to abuse of drivers and generally dismissive or otherwise less than polite behavior towards them. We aren't making fat stacks. The Shareholders are of course. That's the way the system is designed to work after all.
"I'm thick." - Me

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