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RE: Greetings

Quote:exactly what is mentioned in the quran
Where does it speak of such things, or have you done like many christians do? Translate the words to mean what you want it to mean?
Quote:I'm sure centuries from now there will be more evidence... OR the second coming of Jesus will occur OR one of the many revelations in this religion comes true
More evidence? What evidence?
There was never any evidence to begin with. We don't know where all this came from, so you just assume it's a god that done it. Assuming the existence of infinite beings does not count as evidence of anything.
Anyway, religion has made many predictions, and just as many were false. Jesus won't turn up. Because if he really did exist once, he doesn't now, because he's dead. Dead people don't come back. No matter who they claim to be.
And yes I don't believe in the whole jebus rising from the dead. His followers had three days to move a large rock and destroy the body, then 'claim' he had risen. If I won't take their word for it, what makes you think I'll take yours?
Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence - Carl Sagan

Mankind's intelligence walks hand in hand with it's stupidity.

Being an atheist says nothing about your overall intelligence, it just means you don't believe in god. Atheists can be as bright as any scientist and as stupid as any creationist.

You never really know just how stupid someone is, until you've argued with them.
RE: Greetings
(April 24, 2011 at 6:19 am)ruhollah Wrote: Listen I believe in it.....I don't understand why I have to prove it to you, I proved it to myself and I'm in a positive state.
This shows you are not fundamentally serious about your position. The burden of proof is still on you, but if you honestly don't care whether your beliefs are justified or not, if you don't think whether proving they are demonstrably true or not actually matters then I cannot see this discussion continuing for much longer.

Quote:As a recommendation, go to a physics graduating class in a nearby university. You'll find that majority of them will believe in something, because that's the only way they can comprehend all the beauty in this universe.
That is a ridiculous appeal to accomplishment and is also blatantly wrong, since studies have shown most academics in the discipline of physics are more likely to be atheists than any other field.

Quote:I worked with quants before, most of them physics grads and they all believe in God.
See above. Put up or shut up. I want names and I want cited references right now, otherwise you are talking out of the wrong hole friend.

Quote:If method of infinite descent (which is an acceptable means of proving a conjecture) isn't going to convince you, then I don't know what well.
You'd think an omniscient God that you worship daily would be willing to help you out a little here, but alas no. ^^

(April 24, 2011 at 6:36 pm)ruhollah Wrote: I'll just give an analogy, 1000s of years ago there were a group of scientists who claimed that the earth was not flat and was not the center of the universe, it was in fact just another planet rotating around the sun in an orderly fashion. It wasn't until 1900s this was verified mathematically and 1950s was verified visually with satellites.. Same thing, if you are lucky you can wait until the second coming of Jesus or when another prophecy of this religion comes true in order to accept God...until then, stay safe in these uncertain and godless times....
That's asinine ruhollah.

Those two claims, even if we propose for the sake of argument the first had no scientific evidence to back it, aren't even remotely similar – they're not even within the same plain of thought.

This is what I expect from someone who doesn't appreciate extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. Look, if you tell me your real name is "Muhammad Ali", I'll accept that at face-value, its not going to harm my health or wealth either way, unless we do business then you'll provide ID of course.

Now if you boast you broke the world record for most trips to the North Pole, I'll need more than your say so, not that I don't trust you, I don't trust anyone. I need proof. I need photographs, certification, documents or an extract from the Guinness Book of Records and so on.

If you tell me an all-powerful universe-creating God exists and believing in him will determine my ultimate fate, I'm going to need *extraordinary evidence* from you. Not analogies, not anecdotal or testimonial evidence, but something far more reliable. I not only require first-person experience and interaction with your God but everyone else in the world to directly observe him at the same time as well so there can be no doubt his existence is real.

And no, before you respond, the Qur'an is not extraordinary evidence, so please don't waste your time quoting it.

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