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Whats your favorite pizza got on it? And where do you always go to get it?
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RE: Pizza
I will eat it however, but I like plain cheese pizza the best. I get it from this little pizza parlor called Angelo's Picnic Pizza. It's owned and operated by a New York-Italian family. They fight constantly, sometimes hurling objects at each other's faces. The pizza is phenomenal, and the entertainment- priceless.

RE: Pizza
There is an award winning place in Phoenix called Pizzeria Bianco. It has excellent pie, many cuts above average. However, the lines are ridiculously long, so ... next best is Grimaldi's (New York style, which is how I like it, thin, foldable, greasy), and their white pizza is out of this world. I love cheese and adore this pie.
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RE: Pizza
How about a favorite pizza dough?

Semolina Flour Pizza Dough

Proof the yeast:

.75C hottish water
1T dry yeast
1t honey

In food processor combine:

1.5C regular flour
.5C semolina flour
1t salt

Add proofed yeast and process until it forms a ball
and drizzle in the olive oil.

Continue processing for a few minutes, plop out into oiled bowl, cover with a dish towel.

It will probably more than double within an hour and then it's fun to work with. You can stretch it and smush it into a jelly roll pan, toss it, whatever. Just make sure you build what you're making on a nice bed of good corn meal or you'll be bummed when you take it out of the oven.

Like most, bake a bit at 400F before you try to dress it.
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RE: Pizza
[Image: 50516_7837599843_3683_n.jpg]

Of course....it does take them 3 days to deliver it.
RE: Pizza
But a medium pie feeds 200 people.
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RE: Pizza
Best pizza I ever had; Venice. It was small,about the size of a saucer, thick crust, not much tomato,a little fresh basil and some mozarella. -and outrageously expensive.

At home I like to make the dough in the bread maker. Nice thick tomato paste,pancetta, pepperoni and mozarella,or fresh sliced chilli instead of the pepperoni. Guilty secret: Love "Hawaiian style"; ham and pineapple .(THE most popular pizza topping in Australia)
RE: Pizza
All I know is I've been eating too much pizza and other fun foods and it's starting to catch up with me. I'm not shedding the lbs the way I used to. Undecided
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RE: Pizza
Even though it goes against my computer-nerd-ness I am not a fan of pizza. I sometimes have a bbq-mix grill pizza, but those occasions are rare. I prefer pasta with a good sauce. Lasagna, Spaghetti, Macaroni, cannelloni, those kinds of things.
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RE: Pizza
Papa Johns
Pepperoni, bacon, onion and black olives
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