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Ya Muhamad, Suratal Tahreem....
Ya Muhamad, Suratal Tahreem....
Ya Muhamad,
Suratal Tahreem breaks my heart,
Knowing well the fathers of the two daughters,
Who were threatened and warned therein,
Succeeded as believers failed to help,
And support you after your death,
The hidden Pharaoh and Haman,
Won the day people disobeyed you when you asked to write your will,

Ya Muhamad
We all know who spoke to cause that chaos,
And Zakariya prayed regarding his inheritors
And feared regarding them
And wanted a pure one to inherit him
A pure as in a chosen exalted Leader from you,
Not because of honor he wanted,
Over Imran having Mary who Jesus was promised through,
But because he feared dissension and obscurity,
If a son would not be born on to him
To inherit from Him,
And inherit from the family of Jacob/Abraham,
For jealousy surrounds the chosen ones,
And human vie for the trust of leadership that belongs to you and your Chosen,

Ya Muhamad,
And so Fatima properly refuted the liar,
Who fabricated a fabrication that clearly contradicted the Quran,
And indeed Prophets do leave heirs,
Special inheritance of their knowledge and leadership,
And guidance and the light passes on,
But also normal inheritors,
As Zakariya feared regarding those,
And she proved her case multiple ways,
So woe to the nation who abandoned God's words,
For a liar and a claim with no proofs,
A contradiction to the book,
And words that I know you would never have uttered,
And indeed Prophets regarding the people,
their inheritance is not wealth,
But knowledge,
And that too is opposite to what the liar said

Ya Muhamad,
Peace be upon you,
You and your family,
The travelers to God,
And his helpers,
Who race ahead of all at your pace,
You fourteen are the fastest and foremost in those who race ahead,
And I ask you to ask God,
To make me follow you and your successors,
And love the great daughter who refuted and exposed the liars,
Those who were behind two of their daughters in Suratal Tahreem,
To make me love you and your family,
And help you help me help God,
Thereby following you with goodness,
And doing well to the Masters,
Who have more authority then ourselves like you,

And Suratal Tahreem,
After that, the Surahs are all about the warnings,
The warnings and shorter words of advice,
That was upon the people when they were still ignorant,
As if God is saying,
If you fail to help him,
And his successors,
And abandon them,
Then all those warnings fall upon you!

God bless you like and better and higher and more complete,
Then he blessed Abraham and his family,
And may he never include me among those who envy you or your family, 
for what God has given you out of his grace,
And vested you with his authority,
A great authority that extends to all levels of ascension,
And we are never without need of these great helpers,
Neither in guidance are we sufficient,
Nor in power can we succeed without their sustenance that is from you,
And God made your wage which is love of them,
The path to you, and means to you
So we hold on to that,
And on to the recitation that majestically calls to these true kings,
The twelve princes promised to Ismael,
That inherited from you the Messenger sent to all,
Who reigns King because of God giving the authority,
His authority, his command,
The only authority that is true

O Muhamad,
You and your Exalted Family,
Were the Exalted Ones who Iblis,
was asked "Or are you one of the exalted ones?"
And you and your family
Are the first House enjoined for humanity
By which you took the covenant on them
Before they took human form,
And you have sealed with them
Just as you began with them,
And so I ask you to ask God,
To make me true to that love of your family,
Near Kin, and House,
To make he hold on to that name of God
Split into after you, Twelve Captains,
Beautiful Names of God,
The ways who guide by truth,
Branches from you,
Split into twelve,
Just as he did with Aaron and his family,
In the people of Moses,
So he did with you,
But by his wisdom,
To shield Ali and his successors,
Made it that Fatima, the best woman of all time,
Was to be your daugher,
And Ali your cousin,
And so by that in hope to soften the hate,

Yet we hear Ya Muhamad,
Annoying words,
Like you had no sons,
Because leadership was to end,
And we hear it,
Despite their knowledge of Jesus being connected
To the household of Moses and Aaron
Which is the same family of Imran and David,
By Mary with no father,
And you did that as your wisdom,
Was to prepare the way to Mohammad
And his successors,
By your word of life and light,
And name and great reminder,
Who prepared and was clear
In that regard
One who is the holy spirit,
Like all Prophets were that image of God,
Would clearly come,
And Elyas held that position,
When Jesus left to the heavens,
To come back,
And we know very well,
Elyas was the witness who testified to you,
From the children of Israel,
And you if lacked knowledge,
Would not have turned to misguiding leaders,
Of Jews and Christians,
The Clergy who take people's wealth,
But would turn to the family of the reminder of the past,
And surely you are fused with the Quran,
To the extent you are that reminder,
And the Wilayah of Ali is that reminder,
And your family, the family of the final reminder!
And the first house and last house enjoined for humanity
And so you are that name of God
Which is the House,
That is blessed and guidance to humanity,
And who God said
So let them Worship the Lord of this House,
And we turn to God by them
And approach God and know God by them,
Just as you were known through Aaron and Moses,
When they testified
"Lord of Aaron and Moses".
So by you Muhammad and by your family, do we turn to God,
And by their intercession and yours, will we succeed,
We hope our little good deeds
Will be amplified in reward,
By your position with God,
You and your family's
And we hope our immense sins,
Will be destroyed and erased,
Through your love 
You who are witnesses to humanity
And the true drivers who God has entrusted,
To Guide and Leader and Steer
Humanity on course,
On his path,
Which is your path,
And the path the wage in Quran calls to!

Forgive me Muhamad for when I denied you,
For you know it was never personal,
but I was trying to escape God's proofs,
That seemed like an overwhelming duty to hold on to,
And so true crime was against the Lord of the worlds,
And so I ask you to intercede and ask forgiveness for me,
And ask God to erase it from my book of deeds,

Ya Muhamad,
We failed you as a nation,
And I failed you personally,
And we forsook the Quran,
And you and your family,
Witnessed it all,
So I ask God to heal me through you
Who are the best course
Brought out for the sake of humans
And even the callers of God to Jinn,
And I turn to you Muhamad,
In hope, 
You would not leave this poor seeker,
But suffice him, you and Ali
And Fatima
And Hassan and Hussain
And the 9 swords of God from Hussain,
I ask you and them, with you,
To make God a sufficient guide and helper through you,
And to make him a sufficient reward and peace,
Through you!

Peace be upon You o Messenger
Peace be upon you all the family of revelation,
Fused with the reminder,
The guides to the truth,
And vested with the authority of God
Peace be upon you from me forever!
O Martyred one,
O poisoned one,
O who they conspired against,
And fought his successors,
Burned his sayings in order to hide the truth,
And collected after that Qurans to get rid of your commentary,
Or Commentary from Gabriel and God,
And burned them as well
And your daughter,
And your daughter,
And your daughter,
Ya Fatima,
Your daughter Fatima,
May I take her side forever
And may I bless her and her husband,
And you her father,
And the leaders of guidance connected to you
From her,
Forever and Ever,
RE: Ya Muhamad, Suratal Tahreem....
Fuxxake.  Even the prospect of getting laid shows up, and you lose your frigging mind.  Rub one out and calm down, fer Christ's sake.

‘But it does me no injury for my neighbour to say there are twenty gods or no gods. It neither picks my pocket nor breaks my leg.’ - Thomas Jefferson
RE: Ya Muhamad, Suratal Tahreem....
[Image: 837-FB122-F736-4-DB5-89-E6-38516-F14-EB2-D.jpg]
Nay_Sayer: “Nothing is impossible if you dream big enough, or in this case, nothing is impossible if you use a barrel of KY Jelly and a miniature horse.”

Wiser words were never spoken. 
RE: Ya Muhamad, Suratal Tahreem....
Love, the only reason to act!
RE: Ya Muhamad, Suratal Tahreem....
[Image: icon_quote.jpg]Plato:
Love is a great mental disease.
RE: Ya Muhamad, Suratal Tahreem....
[Image: r-kelly-usher-shocked-music-video-reacti...06207k.gif]
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RE: Ya Muhamad, Suratal Tahreem....
(November 8, 2018 at 6:18 pm)BrianSoddingBoru4 Wrote: Fuxxake.  Even the prospect of getting laid shows up, and you lose your frigging mind.  Rub one out and calm down, fer Christ's sake.


All he has to do is start spouting that shit and he'll never get laid.  The girl would probably figure he'll start beating her ankles with a stick.
RE: Ya Muhamad, Suratal Tahreem....
I swear to fake god - if someone quotes that first post and doesn't bother to put all that ridiculousness in fucking hide tags, I will find you and I will take away your only means to post here.
Disclaimer: I am only responsible for what I say, not what you choose to understand. 
(November 14, 2018 at 8:57 pm)The Valkyrie Wrote: Have a good day at work.  If we ever meet in a professional setting, let me answer your question now.  Yes, I DO want fries with that.
RE: Ya Muhamad, Suratal Tahreem....
Can anyone else animated gifs working? Not showing on my iPad at the moment Smile
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RE: Ya Muhamad, Suratal Tahreem....
They who infiltrated as exposed in Suratal Tahreem - they must be stopped, whoever is holding these snake like deceptions, they will bring the whole world to chaos and cause world war 3.

The Prophets and Mohammad, they were never part of the Illuminati, rather Mohammad and his family, are the end to all Pharaohs who manipulate the people today and are willing to do all sorts of ugly things to humans to bring about their world order.

The Quran not only maintained the history before it was revealed, it maintained the history after it was revealed, and it shows exactly what happened.

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