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Suratal Fatiha (suggestion to those who left Islam)
Suratal Fatiha (suggestion to those who left Islam)
There are some people who left Islam. I feel they are looking at details and there are some obvious problems they have with them.
There is a reason Suratal Fatiha is said to be a 7 counter parts to the Quran. 
I suggest to think about what it states and what it calls to think about. Then think about how Quran elaborates and compliments it.
It doesn't say "The path of the Messengers" that we are obligated by reciting it to believe in Messengers. Neither does it state "there is no god but God" in it, it rather says we worship you and we ask your help. 
It's not arguing with anyone. It's reminding of some facts that all people can remember about reality.
It didn't explain what or when the day of judgement is, it can mean the day we get judged after death, but for sure there is going to be a time and moment where we are reckoned. A day we have to encounter.
Suratal Fatiha reminds of some stuff that if you reflect over, will make religion seem very intuitive.
First and foremost, is the means of recognizing God: his Name.
Through that reality, all praise is to him and belongs to him. 
He being compassionate and merciful has given through his name certain praise we can earn, and as such we are coming to a day we will be judged and accounted for and must prepare for.
This day being the goal of our purpose - we will fail if we don't walk the straight path of his name and the praise through his name. 
But how will we walk this path, it's through devotion to him and seeking his assistance. 
But how will we devote ourselves to him and seek his assistance, and walk the straight path as a result? 
It's through sticking to those who God has favored. Now how do we know who God has favored or not. 
This elaboration in Quran shows how God manifests some of the people who God has favored. 
This is why in Suratal Maeeda it emphasizes Musa and Harun were two people who feared God and God had favored them, they being the only two Musa had control over while the rest were transgressors.
There comes moments in humanity, when, such people are totally lost and even the concept of true human is lost "did he not find you lost then guided (towards you)
No one would of been able to recognize the praised one (Mohammad) were it not for God guiding to him.
The elaboration is in Quran. He will appoint rulers in the earth just like he did in the past, from those who believe and do good. 
It's always from them he picks. But not only that there is people who are in a middle path and those who are foremost racing in good deeds. 
He chooses obviously from the best of the best, to manifest the path of those who God favored. 
It's through them we will be able to see the path of the truthful ones and be with the truthful.
This bed rock logic of Suratal Fatiha is a miracle in itself. 
As well, there being astray people, God wants to guide them, and there being those who God's wrath is upon, it's God's mercy to warn them. 
Suratal Baqara tells very early something very important about the reality path, the favor, reality of praise, reality of God's Name, the day of judgement reality, and that it is unseen we ought to believe and have faith in.
Now it's beginning to awaken. God shows how he tried to get people to find those who God has favored in bani-Israel, mainly through sending Messengers after Messengers and also appointing Guides and leaders like Talut.
He shows a decisive way of attempting to help humanity, but we see nations entrusted with revelations, are often the very ones to become the ones who differ with it and dispute regarding it.
We also see how God tries people with his name through his chosen ones like Adam and Nuh. 
The Quran also to show wisdom of God's way, emphasizes they were made in forms of chosen families and also emphasized on chosen offspring after chosen offspring from one another.
This all to prepare people for the wage of the message: say: no wage do I ask for it except the love of the near relatives (of Mohammad)" say: no wage do I ask it for except who wants to, may take a path to his Lord".
So Suratal Fatiha is like the bed rock logic. It reminds of the basic facts we should ponder about. Surely there exists servants of God who he has favored through his greatest name and are utmost praise of walking the straight path among creations, surely God will manifest some of these creation to us so we can be guided by their light. 
Consequently, appreciating Suratal Fatiha and it's wisdom, ultimately lies in loving the family of Mohammad. 
Even in Salah, we remember that God blesses Mohammad and the family of Mohammad...who else is God manifesting as those who he has favored in Salah that we can follow?
In this way, Suratal Fatiha is like focusing on the firm concise wisdom of the Quran and it's elaboration is all focused here with no bias, with no argumentation, with no room for jadal.
Think about these verses instead of getting into the details. We all can have flawed thinking and we can have biases and things that make us perceive things in a very narrow matter.
The summary and bedrock knowledge has been equated with the status of the rest of the Quran which is an elaboration in detail with respect to the logic shown it.
Together Suratal Fatiha and Quran go together and compliment each other. Suratal Fatiha is the gate to understanding the Quran. 
It's beyond simply in logic, but we don't reflect it. We recite in Salah every day, and with it, the elaboration of Quran can be in our hearts when reciting it.
Why not reflect over Suratal Fatiha and how Quran elaborates on it, instead of getting into little details that are less clear and less decisive.
RE: Suratal Fatiha (suggestion to those who left Islam)
Fuck off.
RE: Suratal Fatiha (suggestion to those who left Islam)
Perhaps they are just smarter than you?

Better advice would be to wear a helmet.
RE: Suratal Fatiha (suggestion to those who left Islam)
Why not grow your brain until at least when you can pass for a monkey?

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