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AF Biggest Loser/Fitness Challenge-May 3 to Whenever We're Not Fat Anymore
RE: AF Biggest Loser/Fitness Challenge-May 3 to Whenever We're Not Fat Anymore
I'm in a bit of a different situation where I need to put weight back on but also switch more fat and carbs out.

I was diagnosed with diabetes in 1999 after a bout of flu damaged my pancreas. I'd suffered from severe ketonacidosis and needed resuscitation after flat-lining three times and falling in to a coma. I woke up a few days later to find I'd dropped from a fit 210lbs to 140lbs. It was a long recovery and I've never really recovered the weight although I've kept up my general fitness with a variety of exercise. As I topped 40, my metabolism has slowed and I've started developing the classic middle aged spread.

Recently I've been spurred on to get back on top. I'm keeping exercise simple: cycling for cardio, various press ups to fix my shoulders and chest, sit ups, crunches and butterflies for core, squats and burpees for legs and basic weights for tone. Eating however is a bit of a problem. My diabetes means that if I take in enough calories to build mass, I need to inject more synthetic insulin, with all the associated cardio health risks. All my dietician is interested in is reducing carb and insulin intake and not working with me to get back to where I should be. So I'm trying to do it myself, with some success so far. My tone is improving and I had lost a little of my spare tyre. It's a bit of a struggle to avoid takeaways but I'm preparing healthy meals most days and trying to break the cycle of laziness that leads to the wrong kinds of processed and fatty food.

I'm inspired by the efforts that all of you on this thread are putting in, whether to change or maintain your health. I hope I can do half as well.
Sum ergo sum

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RE: AF Biggest Loser/Fitness Challenge-May 3 to Whenever We're Not Fat Anymore - by Ben Davis - July 24, 2017 at 4:58 pm

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