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Staff Log - Bannings, Reports, and Other Actions
RE: Staff Log - Bannings, Reports, and Other Actions
All these bannings when I'm not here?


I call dibs on the next one!

There is nothing better in life than lying next to the one you love.

And they don't know that you love them.

Or that you're in their house again.


RE: Staff Log - Bannings, Reports, and Other Actions
(21st June 2017, 14:52)Pandæmonium Wrote: Banned 21stCenturyIconoclast for being a sock of a previous user whose posting privileges were taken away after contravening several rules (also banned).

For everyone's information, we have a process for dealing with new users who break a number of rules early on. We suspend posting privileges, and ask the user to read the rules and agree to follow them. If an unsatisfactory answer, or no answer at all is received, privileges are left suspended indefinitely. If they then create a sock to get around the posting restriction, we treat it exactly the same as if they sockpuppeted after being banned.

We now return you to your normal forum drama.
RE: Staff Log - Bannings, Reports, and Other Actions
Deleted George's Marvellous Colonoscopy for trying to get around our warnings about advertising his book by sending PMs to several members to advertise his book.
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