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SuperUfo on the SNES
SuperUfo on the SNES
Here's a vid I made of the new SuperUfo Pro 8 cart in action. I really like the cart, it will serve me well.

The video is short and to the point.

This is a screenshot of the main menu:

[Image: superufopro8.jpg]

For comparison this is my Super Wild Card:

[Image: superwildcard.jpg]

The cartridge slot doesn't work on it (but given the fact that I paid nothing for it, that's never bothered me Big Grin) and I have no idea where the couple of floppies I actually bothered to make for it are, so sadly I can't post a video of it working at this stage (I will in the future). The old SWC backup unit is huge, copies to and loads from floppies and includes a serial connection for the PC. The Super Ufo Pro 8 is smaller than a cartridge, copies to an SD card, has a USB connection for the PC, and it is also far better in terms of usability for its purpose, since the SWC has to load from floppies, and the only reason you'd want to do that is if you didn't own the game you wanted to play (piracy) or your game cart isn't working.

Here's a pretty shit photo showing them together:

[Image: backupcarts.jpg]
RE: SuperUfo on the SNES
Ahw the old SNES. But when comes to racing, the most fun for playing was Super Mario Kart, it was awesome Big Grin (Well, lots of weed surely enhanced the gaming experience Big Grin

My old SNES is in a better place now.
RE: SuperUfo on the SNES
Well I just spent the better part of an hour adjusting the vertical scan in the service menu on my Sanyo CRT that I'll be using for the SNES. First I had to work out how to enter the menu in the first place, and since it's undocumented - and the internet was no help - I was left with the "brute force" option. I eventually worked it out. Hold "Menu" on the remote, and press Ch Down on the TV, then press Mute to cycle through the options, and Vol +/- to adjust. I now loose almost no vertical picture to overscan. Sadly there isn't an option to shrink the H-size at all, although centring the picture was available. I can live with the horizontal overscan as it is. The good news is the picture looks really good on the TV (I paid nothing for the TV of course), and can be improved if I can get component out from the SNES (I'll have to explore the options here, I know that RGB is no issue). I'll also explore S-Video as a primary option for capping. I've set the capture software to Cap it using DivX at 10000 kbps. From there I can load the video into an avisynth script, deinterlace and filter it, crop it and resize it.
RE: SuperUfo on the SNES
I wish I had one of those devices back in the day. I'm curious as to why it takes thirty seconds to load a 4 MB game file from an SD card.
RE: SuperUfo on the SNES
That's because it isn't loading, it's copying the game, and the SNES (SFC) CPU is slow - even slower than the Mega Drive's (Genesis) despite being released 2 years after the MD. The copying process is only as fast as the SNES CPU can work it.
RE: SuperUfo on the SNES
Here's my test encode for S-Video. The quality is very good now. I've also processed the video using much better filters this time. Compare it to recording straight off zsnes with no image distortion (and the same upscale method).

Here are some comparison shots, composite top and s-video bottom. S-Video produces a very clear, crisp picture. It's a testament to the video processor in the SNES itself.

[Image: image12131810cvbs.jpg]
[Image: image12131811svideo.jpg]

[Image: image12131753cvbs.jpg]
[Image: image12131754svideo.jpg]

[Image: image12131755cvbs.jpg]
[Image: image12131755svideo.jpg]

[Image: image12131804cvbs.jpg]
[Image: image12131804svideo.jpg]

I case you're wondering what I'm doing with these videos, I'm simply perfecting the capturing process, more meaningful videos will come at a later date! Wink

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