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Hall of wit and epicness.
Hall of wit and epicness.
Since there`s a "Hall of schame", there should be a hall for exactly the oposite.

Where one quotes genius and\or remarks by other forum members.

Here`s the comment to the rep which teaearlgreyhot gave me:

Quote:Positive (+1) : Don't listen to Cratehorus. You're the best Nazi I've ever known. Tongue

the resulting laught made my day. thank you.
RE: Hall of wit and epicness.
I approve of this.
My ignore list

"The lord doesn't work in mysterious ways, but in ways that are indistinguishable from his nonexistence."
-- George Yorgo Veenhuyzen quoted by John W. Loftus in The End of Christianity (p. 103).
RE: Hall of wit and epicness.
Here's one:

(29th November 2012, 16:42)Napoléon Wrote: Nostradamus ain't got shit on me.
RE: Hall of wit and epicness.
Best assessment of the US election on this forum:
RE: Hall of wit and epicness.
Quote:Mum!!! A pretty girl on the internet says I'm the Eagle Nebula!!!
[Image: SignatureII_zps712e31c8.png]
Courtesy of Cinjin. Worship
RE: Hall of wit and epicness.
I guess I`ll leave the links to the posts in the future:



(5th December 2012, 02:17)cato123 Wrote:
(5th December 2012, 01:17)Vincenzo "Vinny" G. Wrote: Simple question.

This will weed out the realists and the rationalists from the rest.

You are either a disingenuous cunt or hopelessly stupid.

Science and reason don't start from an ancient text telling us what to believe. Science contains a self refuting mechanism that the absolute truth merchants can't touch.

I wouldn't be atheist if science and reason concluded that a god was real. I doubt you understand the distinction.
RE: Hall of wit and epicness.
(5th December 2012, 04:16)Rayaan Wrote: Shell vs. thesummerqueen

... And this year's AF award for creating the most elaborate, sexiest, and pissiest rant threads goes to ...

wait for it

scroll down

keep scrolling

a little more

Unfourtunately it's in Area 69 so most of you heathens won't be able to read the full thread, no matter, you can still bask in it's awesomeness!
Best assessment of the US election on this forum:
RE: Hall of wit and epicness.
This simply had to be here:


It is finest poetry:

(5th December 2012, 09:26)thesummerqueen Wrote: You are still invited to fuck off, Vinnie. You're as disingenuous a twat as cratehorus, and I do hope that everyone sees the cognitive dissonance of constructing such an elaborate and potentially awful insult and still calling yourself a humanist. I disagree with you and call out things that I find to be untruthful in your posts, and you have to attack my very femininity - something you know absolutely nothing about, yet seem to think is weak enough for me to give two shits about what you say. You'd like me to suffer because I disagree with you? How terribly terribly UN-humanist of you. And how terribly terribly "noble" of you to delete it all and say that it was too insulting.

I do hope that post stays up there for posterity so everyone knows how you treat self-identified women who disagree with you.
RE: Hall of wit and epicness.
Why thank you, Germans!

It's too bad they can't see the rant thread that sparked Rayaan's comments though. Tongue
[Image: Untitled2_zpswaosccbr.png]
RE: Hall of wit and epicness.
We wouldn't want anyone to get involuntary boners.
Best assessment of the US election on this forum:

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