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Hall of wit and epicness.
Hall of wit and epicness.
Since there`s a "Hall of schame", there should be a hall for exactly the oposite.

Where one quotes genius and\or remarks by other forum members.

Here`s the comment to the rep which teaearlgreyhot gave me:

Quote:Positive (+1) : Don't listen to Cratehorus. You're the best Nazi I've ever known. Tongue

the resulting laught made my day. thank you.
RE: Hall of wit and epicness.
I approve of this.
My ignore list

"The lord doesn't work in mysterious ways, but in ways that are indistinguishable from his nonexistence."
-- George Yorgo Veenhuyzen quoted by John W. Loftus in The End of Christianity (p. 103).
RE: Hall of wit and epicness.
Here's one:

(November 29, 2012 at 4:42 pm)Napoléon Wrote: Nostradamus ain't got shit on me.
RE: Hall of wit and epicness.
RE: Hall of wit and epicness.
Quote:Mum!!! A pretty girl on the internet says I'm the Eagle Nebula!!!
RE: Hall of wit and epicness.
I guess I`ll leave the links to the posts in the future:



(December 5, 2012 at 2:17 am)cato123 Wrote:
(December 5, 2012 at 1:17 am)Vincenzo "Vinny" G. Wrote: Simple question.

This will weed out the realists and the rationalists from the rest.

You are either a disingenuous cunt or hopelessly stupid.

Science and reason don't start from an ancient text telling us what to believe. Science contains a self refuting mechanism that the absolute truth merchants can't touch.

I wouldn't be atheist if science and reason concluded that a god was real. I doubt you understand the distinction.
RE: Hall of wit and epicness.
(December 5, 2012 at 4:16 am)Rayaan Wrote: Shell vs. thesummerqueen

... And this year's AF award for creating the most elaborate, sexiest, and pissiest rant threads goes to ...

wait for it

scroll down

keep scrolling

a little more

Unfourtunately it's in Area 69 so most of you heathens won't be able to read the full thread, no matter, you can still bask in it's awesomeness!

RE: Hall of wit and epicness.
This simply had to be here:

link: http://atheistforums.org/thread-15925-po...#pid370106

It is finest poetry:

(December 5, 2012 at 9:26 am)thesummerqueen Wrote: You are still invited to fuck off, Vinnie. You're as disingenuous a twat as cratehorus, and I do hope that everyone sees the cognitive dissonance of constructing such an elaborate and potentially awful insult and still calling yourself a humanist. I disagree with you and call out things that I find to be untruthful in your posts, and you have to attack my very femininity - something you know absolutely nothing about, yet seem to think is weak enough for me to give two shits about what you say. You'd like me to suffer because I disagree with you? How terribly terribly UN-humanist of you. And how terribly terribly "noble" of you to delete it all and say that it was too insulting.

I do hope that post stays up there for posterity so everyone knows how you treat self-identified women who disagree with you.
RE: Hall of wit and epicness.
Why thank you, Germans!

It's too bad they can't see the rant thread that sparked Rayaan's comments though. Tongue
[Image: Untitled2_zpswaosccbr.png]
RE: Hall of wit and epicness.
We wouldn't want anyone to get involuntary boners.

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