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Which typeface is better and why?
Which typeface is better and why?
Hello, all. During my winter break, I'm trying to start a project of mine to create a typeface. I'm doing some research and some studies to get an idea of the direction I want to head. That being said, I'd like to ask a favor. If you could tell me which of the following specimens you like the best and why you found it appealing, I'd appreciate it.

Specimen One:

Specimen Two:

Specimen Three:

Specimen Four:

Specimen Five:

[Image: SigBarSping_zpscd7e35e1.png]
RE: Which typeface is better and why?
Comic sans or go home.

Erm I like two the best, but can't say why
Nemo me impune lacessit.
RE: Which typeface is better and why?
I prefer 1 and 2 most.

I can't give any really useful reason why, I just find them to be the most aesthetically appealing.
RE: Which typeface is better and why?
It's perfectly fine if you can't put your finger on it, so to speak. I'll be able to suss out what makes them appealing through polls, but input is also helpful.
[Image: SigBarSping_zpscd7e35e1.png]
RE: Which typeface is better and why?
I prefer 2 AND 3.

I love working with text. I do websites all the time and love looking for interesting type faces to use. Wish I had more time to play. Too busy with general life.
Hey I love God he is awsome.
RE: Which typeface is better and why?
Ah, Ha Ha Ha (evil laugh) you've fallen into my wicked web, I got industry awards for my typography.

The first question is what do you want your typeface to do? Are you going for legibility, what size will it be used at and for what media? What message are you trying to get across. Very rarely does one typeface for-fill all the needs of a single graphic design so you should be looking at a combination, how well does this go with that, what image do they give across when used together. Is the typeface supposed to shout, or sit back as part of an overall design.
The bog standard way of thinking about a print ad (which is a good place to start), is that the image attracts,
The heading draws you in, and the text is there to ratify the claims.

So what I am saying, is don't create a typeface that looks nice, create a typeface to for-fill a need, once you have decided what it should do then you can start to work out, what it should look like. Personal advice stay away from designing a text face, These is the hardest to achieve with any satisfaction. So Go for a heading, but think what other faces it might be used with.
RE: Which typeface is better and why?
prefer 1 and 4
RE: Which typeface is better and why?
The first is my favorite. It's fresh, but yet somehow gives me retro vibes (if that makes any sense at all..) Smile
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RE: Which typeface is better and why?
See, I didn't see that the first time, and now I'm not convinced its not you saying that as well it it having the words 'primitivo' and 'classico'
Nemo me impune lacessit.
RE: Which typeface is better and why?
I like #1 - must be the Chianti Classico

And I hate #2 but that is because Gary Bettman is a scumbag and I can't even think about hockey anymore without getting pissed.

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