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Black Ops 2
RE: Black Ops 2
Umm, no Germans, my trolling is a lot more sophisticated than simply spouting crap over the microphone. I'm the guy who traps his team mates in a corner and doesn't let them out until they say "God bless the Queen of England".
RE: Black Ops 2
lol good to know.

I guess the people who I hate most are these "gangsters" who start playing their shit music on their mobile and hold it right into their mike.
RE: Black Ops 2
Oh no, they're the sort I love to play with Big Grin

It's quite brilliant when you come across someone with the IQ of about 50, the fun that can be had is marvellous.
RE: Black Ops 2
to me that`s only an initial fun. Then I start screaming things.

like "FUCK YOU NIGGA!!!"

RE: Black Ops 2
It's a good idea to keep your racist tendencies to yourself Germans Wink
RE: Black Ops 2

dude we dont have any black people here..

for the same reason of why there never was antisemitism in Ireland. Because they never let the jews in, in the first place.


and to make sure that no one takes this for "bare münze".
I am not a racist.
RE: Black Ops 2
Uh yeah, let's just get back to talking about black ops?

Surely someone else on these boards has a ps3 and blops Undecided
RE: Black Ops 2
yeah I only need to find the motivation to add you........

which is currently not here and I have no clue where I left it.
RE: Black Ops 2
The first black ops wasn't bad, but this one never grabbed me.

And only play games on the 360, the ps3 is for blu ray.
RE: Black Ops 2
Yeah took me a while to get used to the multiplayer score system, but in fairness it works really well compared with the coin system they had in black ops 1.

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