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Marathon games
Marathon games
Anyone here ever marathon a game or a series with a group of friends?
Personally I've done Gears of War 1, 2 and 3 on insane and Tales of Symphonia. We were think of doing another one pretty soon so if you guys have any good ideas i'd love to hear them!
RE: Marathon games
Used to do it all the time. Only stopped a couple of years ago. Pretty much every new release we would buy up 2/3 copies and a friend of mine, his brother, his nephew and I would all set up our consoles and play until we had beat the game.
RE: Marathon games
Years ago my friend and I would regularly spend whole weekends doing practically nothing else but play games from start to finish. Too many to remember properly but we definitely went through Ocarina of Time, Majora's Mask and GoldenEye (managing to beat it on every difficulty level). In fact, I got so good at GoldenEye that, on our one free visit to a newly opened LAN gaming centre playing Counter Strike with something like a dozen players, I had a rare old time running around picking off the other team with headshots. I'm going to have to do that stuff again I think.
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RE: Marathon games
I wouldn't mind, but my bf is mean and plans a LAN when I'm abroad this summer Tongue
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